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I met him outside of a movie theater. It was cold, freezing really and I can still feel the air numbing my skin, my exhales like smoke from a cigarette.

I was waiting again.

My supposed boyfriend had promised to be here yet he wasn't. Again. I wasn't surprised this time. I didn't feel anything except shame for hoping this time would be different... But I still stood there waiting, like the little girl I was, hoping she wouldn't be alone again for the night. Frozen outside waiting for the sun to rise and free her.

Until I heard a voice.

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing out here in the cold?" He asked and I turned seeing a beautiful boy. A boy I would later fall hopesly in love with.

"Oh you know, waiting." I said and he gave me a smile walking over to stand next to me.

"I guess I'll wait with you then." He said looking out into the frost covered street.

Nothing. No one was coming.

I looked at him from the corner of my eye, his tan skin looking out of place in a town filled with people who never seemed to see the sun. His cheeks were tinted red and I had the impression that if I put my hands on his cheeks it would feel warm.

We stood there. Silently. Watching the empty street when we could have been having a conversation, but for some reason this felt better than any words he could have spoken to me.

His lips parted to speak, a piece of snow falling into his mass of brown hair.

"What's your name sunflower?" He turned towards me then, hands shoved in his thick jacket pockets. I wanted to touch his cheeks, and his lips. They were so pink. I looked down at my jacket, a little embarrassed of the bright sunflowers decorating the fabric. It was a present.

"It's a month." I said only moving my head to the side slightly before looking back at the empty street.

"It's an ocean." He replied and I humed thinking of which one his name would be.

"August." He whispered and I turned towards him with a raised brow knowing we both have seen each other around town.

"Atlantic." I said quietly and the smile on his lips grew.

"Perfect." Atlantic mumbled before facing the street again.

I had always loved his name.


A wide, deep ocean, home to lost treasures and people's dirty secrets.

Atlantic turned away from the street for a moment, the wind picking up and moving a few of my light colored waves onto my face.

His soft fingers moved them away. God his fingers against my skin felt incredible. Warmer than any sweater I could've worn.

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