Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

"Beauty king of only eighteen."

                                           "L-Louis?" He whimpered, early in the morning as the sun shined in through the window. I sat up, glancing over at him to find out that he was standing there in nothing but a pair of boxers.

                                            'Yes, Harry?" I asked, quickly waking up. Whenever Harry needed me, I'd be there, even if it meant waking up early.

                                            "Do you think I'm beautiful?" He whispered, the words barely leaving his lips before he burst out into tears, staring down at me.

                                              I sat up, walking over and taking his hands, squeezing them tightly in my own. This wasn't the first time he'd done something like this, last time he had woken me up at 4 am to ask me if I thought he was too ugly to be living.

                                            "Haz, you are the most beautiful person I know. You're stunning, perfect even." I whispered back, dropping one of his hands to use my thumb and wipe away the stray tears on his face.

                                            "No, I-I'm not. That's why everyone leaves me, isn't it? I....I'm too tall, and I'm clumsy. I look like a baby giraffe, plus I'm ugly in the f-face. Why can't I be beautiful, Lou? Maybe if I was beautiful someone one l-love me, right? Because only beautiful people get love.

                                               I pulled him into my chest, holding him as he choked out sobs. I rubbed his back, shushing him and repeating over and over that he was beautiful. He started hicupping, and I had to give him his inhaler. He shook his head no, but gave in quickly and took a few deep breaths. I pushed the hair out of his eyes, leaning our foreheads together.

                                              "Listen to me, I've said this a billion times but I meant it every single time. You're beautiful! You have been stopped numerous times by strangers asking to model for them, you know you're beautiful. But sometimes you forget, yeah?" I said, stroking his hair gently tangling my fingers into it.

                                               Things had always been like this. Ever since we first met, no matter how many times or how many people told Harry something, he never believed them. Harry had even been voted most beautiful in high school, before dropping out. Harry just didn't know he was beautiful, but that's what makes him beautiful I suppose.

                                               "If I'm so pretty...Why d-do boys always leave me?" He asked the question he always did, and I couldn't tell him the truth, so i settled on the partial truth.

                                               "They don't deserve you, Harry. They leave because they know they won't be able to love you as much as they should. You deserve all the love and respect in the world. You could always take a break from boys, maybe stop dating for a bit. Give yourself some alone time, or maybe time with your best mate?"

                                                 Best mate. The words hurt leaving my mouth, but Harry nodded and held onto me tighter, his sobs slowing down. He held onto me, digging his nails into me and I just held him as tight as I could, not wanting anyone to hurt my little Hazza.

                                                   "As long as I'm beautiful to you, Boo. That's all that matters, cause you love me forever." He said, and my heart melted just a bit. I nodded, quickly talking.

                                             "Forever. I won't ever stop loving you, no matter what you do. You know I've always been here for you, always. Now, how about you rest a little bit more, maybe I'll make us a big breakfast and add tons of sugar in your tea just like you like it." I whispered, laying him down and tucking him into the bed, gingerly touching the scars on his head.

                                             "Boo?" He said, and I looked down at him, adjusting his pillow and handing him one of our matching plushies.

                                               "I think you're kinda beautiful too." The words left his lips, and I smiled brighter than I have in a while.

                                               I'd given up hope that Harry would ever love me the same way, but every time he said things like that I couldn't help but feel a little voice inside my head saying 'maybe he does care'. I knew I wasn't his type- He only dated big, strong, manly men, and I was anything but strong.

I was only strong when it came to my little Harry.

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