Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

"But he always belonged to someone else."

                Louis was shaking with anger as he drove home after giving a polite- but bitterly short- goodbye to Harry. He was so angry at Harry that he could barely speak; but no, he hadn't let his anger show.

                He knew that by tomorow night he would let the whole thing go, since it was Harry.  No one could ever stay mad at Harry, but for now, he was angry. Blatant, pure, unadulterated anger boiling in his chest.

                 "I fucking hate him!" He yelled out to the empty car, the scream mixing with whatever shitty Indie cd Harry had left in the cd player that was quietly playing.

                 The lights of the highway were strong, glistening against the dark backdrop of the night sky. Back home in Doncaster, he knew that the night sky would have maybe a star or two. Maybe even a full constellation if he was lucky, and he would be able to see them if Harry hadn't wasted his time.

And it wasn't like the first time, no, definitely not the first time.

               "Louis, Louis, help! My dad's yelling at me and I'm terrified and I can't breathe and...oh god...He's taking off his pants...Louis!" Louis listened to the voicemail, his heart racing as he threw his phone across the room and quickly searched to find a pair of pants.

                 For once in his life he was thankful for the pre-algebra homework the teacher had assigned him, because if he hadn't been awake doing it, he never would have seen the voicemail Harry had left.

                 Harry never called Louis, never. They texted constantly, and video chatted, sometimes they even wrote snail mail letters to eachother just because they could; but they never talked on the phone because they were only 14 and no one even talked on the phone anymore these days.

                 So, Harry calling him at 3 in the morning crying and screaming was something new, but Louis didn't hesitate. Once he found his pants (Or maybe they were his sister's, but right now it didn't matter) and his running shoes were laced up, he sprinted outside and didn't even bother to lock the door.

                 Harry didn't live close though, which was an issue. It wasn't close enough to walk during the day, and it definitely wasn't safe to walk during the night. His mum always drove him there, but at this moment Louis was sprinting and he didn't care about how much trouble he would get in.

                Once he got there, he didn't knock. He ran in, only to see Harry sitting on floor in front of the couch with a bowl of popcorn in his hand and laughing loudly. His dimples showing as he giggled uncontrollably over whatever was on the telly.

                Louis' felt like screaming, because Harry had called him here for nothing! But then Harry heard him, and turned to look over at him. When Louis saw the black eye, the bloody lip, and the icepack that his hand was resting on, all the anger disappeared as he walked over and sat down like nothing was wrong and they watched the telly show for the rest of the day and skipped school.

(And if Louis was grounded for the next three weeks, well, Harry really didn't need to know that.)

               Louis pulled into the driveway and leaned over the steering wheel as he took deep breaths. Harry just needed attention, he kept repeating to himself. And after a few minutes he wasn't angry anymore, he was just upset.


               "And he was with Stan? Your Stan? Stanley Lucas?" Zayn asked. Louis nodded, stirring in the sugar cube to his tea and sipping. 

               "Yeah, and it was like, obvious, y'know? That they had been...together or whatever." Louis' nose crinkled up as he looked across the table.

                Harry hated Zayn, but then again, Harry hated all of Louis' friends. Except Stan, Louis thought bitterly.  It was a jealousy thing, Louis was sure, but that didn't stop him from seeing them since he would go insane without Zayn.

                "Well, that's like a shit situation, mate. I wish you would just tell him you love him or at least move on, it's been like a decade. " And okay, maybe Louis hated how Zayn was so perceptive of everything.

                "I just...Harry is different. He's not just...I just...You know, if I left him I don't think he'd survive." Louis said, stammering over his words.

               No one knew how bad Harry was. Most people, strangers specifically, thought Harry was charming and dazzling and bright, which was why it was so easy for Harry to pick up men. People who only knew him a bit better, like Zayn, they could tell Harry was strangely dependant on Louis.

               "If you always let him lean on you, you're never going to be happy and neither he is. I'm not telling you not to be friends, because you guys have this weird soulmate shit that is terrifying but also strangely cute, but he's not going to ever change if you don't tell him he has to."

               "How am I supposed to tell him to change when he isn't even my boyfriend! He's never belonged to me! It's always been someone else!" People turned to stare at him for a few seconds. Louis glared at them quickly though and they stopped.

                Zayn's golden brown eyes stared into blue ones, and they did that for a few minutes. Just staring. Louis hated Zayn, honestly, why did he have to become friends with a guy who is so quiet and artistic and such a god-damn know-it-all.

"Then tell Stan you're happy for him and Harry and go home and cry yourself to sleep, Louis. Honestly, he's never going to be yours if you don't make the change."

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