Part 2.

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Today was a Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday and then Saturday . the day of Maddie's 18th Birthday Bash. I guess once you turn eighteen you stop having birthday party's and they turn into more grown up " birthday bashes " . I was just glad I was still sixteen and that meant all I had to do was drive to the store and pick up paper cups , plates and plastic silverware.

Once I got home I decided I would wait before I went to the store , I was hungry and just didn't feel like going then. A fine example of my lazyness.

I walked into living room and saw Maddie and Chris lying on the couch watching a movie . Maddie had her head Nuzzled into Chris's chest. Thinking they were asleep I silently tried to tip toe by and head upstairs but Chris's head perked up from couch " I'm not asleep you know ? " he said .

" I know now " , I replied. " I think Maddie is though " Chris said as he tried to maneuver around Maddie and get up . " how can someone fall asleep at 2:30 in the afternoon ?" I asked , " why were you guys watching a movie anyway ?". " It was Maddie's idea " Chris answered. Of course, Maddie was always one for randomly watching an old Disney movie at anytime during the day , i thought.

I liked whenever Chris was around . He was funny , smart , caring and incredibly handsome . I probably shouldn't think about but my sisters boyfriend like that but I couldn't help it , considering he was always around and had that charming personality of his . I'd be lieing if I denied having a teeny crush on him.

" so , Nicole , have any plans for today ? " he asked as he kissed Maddie gently on the forehead , got up and made his way towards me. "Well I was going to go to the store and pick up stuff for Maddie's , quote " Birthday Bash " but I don't feel like it anymore" . " How bout I come with you? , we can take my car and I'll drive" Chris offered.

" sure " I said . going places with Chris was always fun , I remember one time he had come to Fuzzy Peach with us , a frozen yogurt shop Maddie and I loved. He insisted on paying and splurging with a bunch of toppings but once we got to the checkout he didn't have enough to pay for it all so he tried to pay with "hugs & kisses " but the girl at the register wasn't agreeing so Maddie paid the rest .

On our way to the store I turned the car radio on and listened to music , casually a song would come on that I absolutely loved and knew all the words to so of course I sang and jammed out at the top of my lungs . Even if Chris didn't know the words he would join and sing along with me . " HELLOOOO FROM THE OTHER SIDEE " we sang at the top of our lungs , or " I CANT FEEL MY FACE WHEN IM WITH UUUUU " .

That was another thing that made going places with Chris so much fun , I could see was Maddie liked him so much .

We arrived in the parking lot at party supplies plus , Chris had parked in a handicapped parking spot so I slapped him jokingly on the chest and said " you can't park here mister" . "and why not ma'am ?" He said . " you aren't handicapped " I answered . he grabbed his chest and went " uh , I am now ". " ha ha , go find another parking spot " I ordered . " fine , jeez Nicole why so serious ?"

We entered the store and went straight to the back , we found the paper cups, plates and plastic silverware . " what color does she want ?" Chris asked . " idk" I replied " I'll text my mom and ask .

Me: what color plates , cups and silverware do I get for Maddie's bash

Mom: pink & light blue .

Me: got it.

I looked up from my phone and told chris the colors . we grabbed what we came for and headed to the checkout. The woman at the register looked up to greeted us and said " Hello " she looked at me and then said " this handsome fellow must be your boyfriend ? " before I could answer Chris interrupted me saying " Yup , that's right and this beautiful young girl is my girlfriend " . The woman smiled and proceeded to ring up our items . " Thank you " I said as we turned and left the store .

As we walked through the parking lot to the car, I thought to myself , why would he say that ? Did he really think I was beautiful ?

" Chris , why did you say I was your girlfriend back when the woman asked us in the store ? " I asked on our way back to my house . " why not ?" He answered. " ummm .. Because your dating my sister ? " I said . " it was just a joke Nicole , don't think much into it " he said . " whateves " I murmured . I then asked him " Chris , do you think I'm beautiful or pretty ? " I soon regretted asking him , he's gonna think I like him or something . " what do you mean ? " chris said . " your gorgeous Nicole , is there a reason why you want to know? "

I shook my head no and turned the radio up . I didn't want things to get anymore awkward then they already were.

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