Part 1. love

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I've always wondered about love, so many things. what exactly was it? , a passionate feeling shared between two people? Why did it come so easy to some people? Why did some people struggle to find love or, that warm embrace of being held and cared about by someone else?

I read my paper over and over again making sure I had a good introduction , Mrs.Walsh was very picky when it came to essay writing , everything had to be perfect , informative and neat. Three things I wasn't, so how exactly I was supposed to write that? I don't know. What I do know, starting it off like that would be a good start.

Your probably wondering why I choose the topic love ? I think its because Love is all around me , literally.

At school you have all the overly passionate couples who's relationships probably won't last more then a year then , at home I have my mom and dad who are still going strong for who knows how long. They always share loving kisses in the morning and from time to time , often getting " gross , stop " as feedback from my older sister Maddie and I.

Maddie is in her own relationship with her boyfriend Chris , they've been dating for close to a year I remember when they met , they way he looked at her as if he had just seen the most beautiful girl in the world. My sister of course was gorgeous , blonde ,tall, popular and well perfect. Almost every guy wanted to go out with her but she was sticking with Chris.

I, on the other hand was pretty decent . I wouldn't say I'm ugly or anything like that but, I don't think I'm gorgeous either. I'm short but not that short, I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I do good in school even though I'm super lazy. I have friends but I pretty much just stick by myself. I've always wanted love in one form or another , I've always wanted a guy to look at me the way Chris did at Maddie.

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