Part 3.

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Once we got home I put the bag on the kitchen counter and yelled " MADDIE WERE HOME !!! ". I looked around the house but I got no answer . " hm, guess she went somewhere ?" I said. I turned to Chris and asked " so , are you going to stay or .. ? "
" I'll stay , we can hangout . if that's alright with you ?" Chris answered . " well duh , why would I care ? You're around here like 24/7 anyway " .

Chris and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when I decided to do something . " hey chris , how about we .. " my phone screen lit up it was a text from Maddie : mom & I went out , won't be home till late . I looked up at chris " Maddie and my mom won't be home till late so we pretty much got the house to ourselves " . " hmm wanna go make use of that bed upstairs ? " chris jokingly asked . " Chris ! How bout we play super Mario cart instead ? " I asked . " sure , what's a sixteen year old girl doing with Mario cart anyways tho ? " asked chris . " hey watch out " I said. " I'm gonna kick your ass ! " . " oh really , let's just see about that shall we ? " said chris with a smirk on his face .

After awhile of kicking his butt at Mario cart I went up to my room and continued to write my essay . love is ... Ugh ! I was having writers block . something inside me just felt weird . chris came up and knocked on my door " hey , Nicole , its 6:30 wanna order some pizza ? "

" sure , I'm starving " I answered . we sat back down on the couch and ate our pizza .
After a couple of hours of basically just eating , talking and messing around with the TV on , chris suggested we go late night swimming since it was like 10:00 . I agreed and changed into my basic purple bikini and I gave him a pair of my dads swim trunks to borrow .

Chris and I were swimming around in the pool, messing around , splashing each other and dunking . Chris had even picked me up and threw me into the pool a couple of times . " HAHAHA " I laughed as he tickled me underneath the water . " Stop!! " I shouted but he didn't listen so I reached up and started hitting his back . " Chris !! " I cried . " alright , I'll stop " Chris said .

Things had calmed down and we were just grazing around in the water when he brushed his hand up against my shoulder , near my bathing suit strap and begun to pull on it , " Chris what are you doing ? " I asked " shhhhh" he replied . my back was now up against the wall of the pool and my chest facing him . he gently took my chin and lifted it up closer to his , " Chris , this isn't .." He stopped me by pulling me in and kissing me. His right hand still holding my chin he loosened my bikini strap with his right . " hmmmm " I moaned as he kissed me with so much energy and passion . my top was off and floating somewhere in the pool . he broke the kiss and picked me up , out of the pool and carried me up to my room . I straddled him on our way up the stairs . he layed me down on the bed and slid his trunks off and then my bathing suit bottom. Cold from the water we covered ourselves with the blanket . he began to kiss my neck , then he started to suck near my collarbone . I grabbed around his back and moaned. " mmmmm" he quieted my moans by kissing me . wanting to take some control , I started off by letting his tounge beg for entrance but it won , I moaned and Chris was in control once again . I got up and straddled Chris and as I leaned down to kiss him , the door opened and the light flickered on , shit ! I thought . " WHAT THE HELL ?!? " Maddie said as she stood in the doorway.

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