Chapter 7

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A couple hours later Alex was slightly opening his eyes and I heard him quietly ask
" what time is it?" I checked my phone and saw that it was about 10:30. Alex saw his mom had texted him.
      "She asked if I could stay here tonight." My mom came up and told us that his mom text her and that Alex was gonna stay here tonight. We both just played on our phones. I read and he watched his favorite show the walking dead. It was about 2:30 when we both got off our phones. Alex wrapped his arms around mine and I wrapped mine around his waist. I saw his bright blue eyes look into mine. He leaned into me and I leaned into him. We kissed for a while maybe 10 minutes. And then I felt his lips fall and I knew he was out like a light. I couldn't sleep. I just looked at Alex's messy brown hair and his adorable face. I leaned in for a kiss on his forehead. I knew that he might wake up but he didn't I knew he was a tired boy and I knew that he could fall asleep anywhere. I kissed him another time and then saw his eyes flutter open a little bit. He yawned did my favorite smile and emidatly fell back asleep.
     "Good night baby boy." I whispered into his ear and closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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