Chapter 5

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    "ALEX!!" I screamed running outside "Mom Alex slipped on the sidewalk!!" I screamed to my mom. We both sprinted outside. I sat next to Alex whispering in his ear Alex you have to make it you have to I love you so much, if you wouldn't have left this might not have happened. Alex wake up!! Then the tears came. They were flowing like a river, I think I made a puddle.
       "Hailey go call 911!!" Yelled mom. I had no hesitations. I sprinted up the stairs to my house and to my room!!
        "Mom the ambulance is on their way!!" Alex was knocked out cold. His face was pale, like a ghost. Then we heard sirens we knew it was the ambulance. The stretch came out of the back of the ambulance.
         " Can I go with him? Please?" I begged the guys in the ambulance. One nodded their head and I hope in next to Alex. The next thing I knew everything was going very dark, the world was spinning and then my head hit the floor.
         "HAILEY! HAILEY! " I was laying on the floor of the ambulance very dizzy. I stood up still trying to catch my balance. He wasn't looking so good his eyes were opening a little bit but I knew that he must have had a really bad concussion. As soon as we got to the hospital they rushed Alex inside and I followed.
"Alex babe are you ok?" I leaned in for a kiss on his forehead and he did my favorite smirk. He motioned for me to come towards me.
" I have a headache so i don't want to yell but I guess you could say I'm ok." He softly whispered. Then I layed my head next to him and as he was stroking my hair I fell into a deep sleep. The last thing I heard from Alex that day was I love you.

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