Chapter 9

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The next morning me and Alex woke up at about the same time. We walked like sloths down the stairs and went to the breakfast table to see my mom. I then remembered Jackie and Max were at school and dad was working. We had pancakes for breakfast. After we ate breakfast we went and watched Saturday morning cartoons. We watched sponge bob, and the looney toons. We watched that for about 2 and a half hours and then decided we were going to go out to the mall. We headed up to the Macy's entrance. We looked around in there for a while and I bought a dress. It was long and flowy purple. After that we headed straight for the main mall.
           "Where do you want to go next babe? Go wherever you want!" Said Alex still sounding a little tired from the last couple days.
             "Well I am getting a little hungry." I said. So we went back through Macy's and decided that we were gonna come back to the mall after wards. We headed towards Panera. We both ordered the same exact thing. A double chocolate chip muffin a ceaser salad and tomato soup. We both waited for our food and as soon as we got it stuffed our faces into it. We both looked at each other and I just about spit my food out.
           "That good or something?" Asked Alex.
            "Maybe!" I said.
      "I love you." He said to me.
       "I love you more!" I said to him trying to sound like that annoying girl in the TV shows. He stared laughing at me and I saw his eyes look into mine and I immediately leaned in for a kiss. It didn't last long cause we were in public but it was a good kiss! I knew that he was the one for me. We went back to the more for a few hours an I got Vans and then we hopped in our bright yellow Jeep. We drove around for a few, and ended up taking the very long way home. When we got back we hopped out the car and I knew that someone had raked, because there was piles of leafs on the ground. We were holding tight grips on each others hands and all of a sudden like planned we both threw each other into the likes of leafs. We rolled on to our stomachs and laid in the big huge pile of orange yellow brown and red leafs. I hopped up and held out my hand to help Alex up. We walked up the walk way together and when we came in the door went straight to our room. We laid down on my bed and all of a sudden I heard Alex singing hit the Quan by Iheart memphis. He got off his butt and started doing the dance. I took my phone and recorded him on snapchat and he almost slapped me across the face. I recorded that too! It was about 6:30 when he finally stopped embarrassing him self. We both knew we had school in the morning, so we started relaxing. Getting into our sweats and laying down in our bed. By the time it was 8:30 I was about to fall asleep when I remembered how busy my weekend was. Mostly consisting of the hospital Alex, Alex, and more Alex. That is why my weekend was so great. It's because I got to spend it with my beautiful brown hair blue eyed sweet boyfriend. Alexander Matthews.
          "Alex you don't know how much I love you!" I whispered in his ear before I fell asleep having the best dream ever, about how great my school week was going to be.

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