Chapter 8

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It was a couple minutes to 11 when I got up the next morning. I knew Alex was awake just trying to trick me. I tickled his sides and he emidatly reacted by squirming all over. I did my girly giggle and he turned towards me and started tickling me back. I squealed a little bit.
"Hey Alex why did the hospital text you?" I asked Alex in shock. He read the text and suddenly broke into tears. He then said that last night his parents went out and were in a car accident. Both were killed. I started crying too. We cried in my room until my mom came in.
"Alex me and Hal's dad and siblings heard the news and we were wondering if you wanted to stay here with us? We can go get your stuff when you get around and ready. You can stay in Hal's room. Ok?" Alex responded by jumping up from my bed and tripping with excitement. We got around and went to his house. He had a lot of stuff. His hockey stuff, football stuff, and baseball stuff. He is such a jock. While he was at hockey 1 day we decided we were gonna expand my room. Out his stuff on 1 side mine on the other. Put a bathroom. Just stuff that would make a better room for us. As soon as he got home it was allready finished. We still have to paint though. It looked beautiful. I knew Alex was surprised when he nearly fainted on the bed! For the rest of the day we organized and painted the room. It was about 12 P.M. when we were finished. Alex got sweat pants and so did I and we layed on our mattress that was now double the size! As soon as I saw Alex close his eyes I knew any minute he would be snoring and then there it was. I just love it when I can be beside him. But the next thing I knew I was out like a light.

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