Chapter 1

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I walked quickly up to the door, excited for my first babysitting job. I knocked quickly and a mom and a dad answered. "Hi Bill, we have to leave, so you showed up right on time." The mom said, and they led me into the living room. " Kirsten,Jessica and Gemma are downstairs, Gemma is the youngest at six years old,then Jessica at eight and Kirsten is ten remember to feed them later tonight." The dad said, and they left.

At least I didn't have to feed them lunch, it was right after lunchtime then. I walked downstairs to meet the three girls.
"Hey guys, what do you want to do first?" I asked enthusiastically.
"I want to play with dolls." Gemma said, and the other two agreed.
"No way, I don't play with dolls." I said, not necessarily trying to be blunt.
"But we want to play with dolls!" The girls whined, and I shook my head. Kristen's eyes l narrowed. "Get him." I raised an eyebrow, just in time for the three girls to tackle me to the ground.

It all happened so fast. A thin rope was wrapped around my arms, and were tied to my sides. As I tried to get up, the girls managed to get me into an old highchair that was sitting in the corner.
The highchair had the bottom missing of it, making my feet dangle only a few inches above the ground, and only being able to be kept in by my arms, that were squeezed into it barely, keeping me up.
"What the f..." A pacifier was rammed into my mouth by Jessica, and I quickly spit it out. "What is going on?" I screamed. She got a pacifier that had a button to locked it in my mouth this time, and rammed it into my mouth again.
"If you won't let us play with dolls, then you will have to be a doll also." I screamed through the pacifier, which only came out as a short mumble. The girls took off my jeans and my underwear, and they cut off my shirt with scissors around my stuck arms. Kirsten held a large diaper in front of my face.
"This is so our dolly won't have leaks." I screamed as the diaper was slid up my legs.

A second rope was tied around my legs, keeping them together as well. Kirsten stood below me, and pushed on my private parts, while the girls pulled from above. After a bit of effort, I was pulled out of the high chair, and I landed face first on the ground. Without any arms or legs, I could barely even try to move.

A large girl's party dress was held above me by Kirsten. She giggled, as well as the other girls. Soon the dress was put on me, and there was nothing I could do about it. The girls also glued a large blonde female wig to my head. They then got started with the accessories. Gemma put a necklace around my collarbone, while another put long pink stockings on my legs, with black maryjane shoes after that.

They then carelessly put their mom's makeup on me, with pink glittery lip gloss and blue eyeshadow, and whatever came after that. "And now for the final touches." Jessica said, spraying me over with perfume. The girls then somehow managed to put me back in the high chair. "All finished." The girls nodded. "What should we do with our brand new doll first?" The older girl asked. "Well, she IS a baby doll..." Gemma said.

Instantly the girls ran off, grabbing who knows what. Gemma came back with a jar of baby food, Kirsten came back with a bottle of milk, and Jessica came back with a thermometer.
"I'm going to remove your pacifier, but if you are grumpy then I will need to make sure you aren't sick." Jessica said to me,

As soon as she yanked the locked pacifier out of my mouth, I began to scream for help. Jessica was behind me opening up the diaper, and plunged the thermometer into my butt. I jumped forward, the pain unbearable, and I stopped yelling. Then the Gemma began to spoon feed me baby food, which tasted nasty. I resisted her next spoonfull, but then the thermometer was poked in my rear again, so I hurriedly ate every bite that came my way.

Jessica finally put the diaper back on me, and the other girls set the food down. Kristen took me out and put the bottle into my mouth, and I drank it quickly.
"I have an idea." Gemma said.

The girls huddled together and spoke to each other in quick whispers. "Well, before we can do that, we have to get her ready." Kirsten said. Once again, they all scattered. When they came back, they had all sorts of stuff in their hands. Jessica began to brush through the blonde wig with a brush, making sure it was all straight and acceptable, but my focus on that was lost when I felt a piece of duct tape on my leg, and then get ripped off.
"MMMMPHH!" I screamed. All the girls joined in, grabbing pieces of duct tape, attaching them to my skin, and ripping off every piece of hair. I tried to swing my legs or something to get them to stop, but they continued to rip off all of my body hair, all the way up to my neck.

"There, no more icky boy hair." The other girls agreed.
"Mom and dad will be home tomorrow, so we have work to do." The girls scrambled off a third time, but this time they didn't come back with anything. I heard random sounds from upstairs, but that is about it.
It seemed like they worked on who-knows-what all night long, and finally I heard them come down the stairs, and they were holding a giant doll box. "We have to put the doll away now, so we can play with it another time." Kirsten said. They set the box down and they advanced on me.

Once again, they popped me out of the highchair, and I landed face-first on the floor again, still tied by my arms and legs. I struggled on my stomach, and I almost made it to the stairs, but not fast enough. They tackled me, and no matter how hard I fought, they opened up the large door in the front of the doll box, and forced me into it. Jessica and Gemma kept me upright against the back of the box, while Kirsten started tying twisty ties around my arms and legs from the back, and once the first few ties were on, the girls cut the ropes around my arms and legs.

Finally, all the twisty ties were around my body, and I couldn't budge a muscle. When they shut the plastic door, there was actually a mirror directly in front of my face, and on the sides of the box are holders for a bunch of things.
"We have been planning this out for weeks, so we have everything planned for." Jessica said. "There is a small door back here for changing your diapers and for whatever else is needed." She then smiled. "So unless we take you out to play with you, this is your new home."
I tried one last time to struggle against the twisty ties, but it was no use. The girls all grabbed the box and dragged me into one of their rooms, and into the closet behind all the clothes. I tried to shake my head at least, but the twisty tie around my neck didn't allow me to move my head.
"See you later." Gemma said, and the door to the closet was shut.



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