Chapter Eleven!

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Heyy sorry it's been so long. I've been struggling with some personal stuff. Anyway here's the next chapter! Thanks so much


"Do you ever stop eating?" Kankuro questions me in disgust as I down another serving of barbeque.

"Nope" I say in between bites.

A couple of sand shinobi laugh as Kankuro sighs and looks at his nearly empty wallet. After the match with Matsuri I had him bring me to the best barbeque place in the village. He said that he'd pay since I had won but little did he know, I eat more than a team of grown men. Dumbass. I smirk and raise my hand to signal for my seventh serving.

"You're going to eat me out of money! Would you give it a rest?"

I shake my head again and giggle. Oh no, he offered to take me out so I'm eating what I can before I have to go back to being shackled.

"Ah just leave her be Sir! She's not doing any harm, besides we're all betting on when she's gonna finally stop. I say twelve but the others say ten," another shinobi named Kai laughs then winks a dark blue eye at me. He's probably around my age with long, dark hair that's tied back loosely. Not too bad if you ask me.

A blush claws it's way up my neck but fortunately I recover quick enough before anyone notices. Kankuro doesn't seem amused at their game and grumbles something about them paying for the rest. Then the server arrives with extra meat this time and my mouth waters at the sight.

"Oh man, I am seriously glad that you thought of that match Kankuro. You have no idea how good it feels to get some actual food and fresh air. Thank you!"

He seems slightly taken aback by my words and friendly smile but manages to mutter, "Um no problem Reima."

For the next half hour the other ninja swap recent mission stories and I'm on my eleventh serving. Of course everyone's egging me on to my twelfth (especially Kai) and by this time to whole joint is in on it. My stomach is starting to hurt and my jaw is aching, but I raise my hand one more time to ask for more anyway. Oh well, if I die then at least I was doing something I loved. That'll be a headline- Death by Barbeque.

The crowd roars half in cheering applause and half in defeated groans. I smirk at my somewhat new friend, making his makeup outlined mouth move to a frown. My eyes catch a quick movement to my left and before I can say anything Kai puts his hands on my shoulders.

"Yes! I told you she'd be able to do it. Pay up!" He gloats.

I laugh manages to escape me as I awkwardly try to shake off his grip. Ban notices and lifts his head, giving Kai a glare from the room corner where he lays. Eh, I don't want the poor guy to die for making a move so I give him a small smile to let him know I'm okay.

Still grinning in victory my eyes wander over to the door and widen. What the hell is he doing here? Too quick for me to get a word in Gaara steps across the threshold and starts making his way to where I'm seated. Oh great. As soon as he's in view of everyone else the place goes dead silent. All of the under-ranking ninja stand and salute while Kankuro and I are the only ones remaining seated. One of Kai's hands leaves its spot and I let out a small breath, hopeful that the other will do the same. Unfortunately my hope is shot right out of the sky cause it returns a moment later when Gaara nods in acknowledgement. His eyes zero in on Kai and his choice of limb placement, and I can't help but cringe a little.

"What are you doing here?"

Gaara doesn't seem bothered by my tone though there is a slight emotion in his jade eyes that i can't seem to place.

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