Hidden Amongst Wolves (Naruto shippuden fanfic)

Hidden Amongst Wolves (Naruto shippuden fanfic)

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I highly doubt that you care By DawnsRise619 Updated Nov 13, 2016

Hello my lovely readers! So this is a Naruto fanfic yay ...ok now that the spazing is over. I just wanna say that other than my soul eater fanfic, I have not done one of these so please be nice in the comments! Thankyou people! So without further or due, here is the first chapter of H.A.W >:D

Btw not all the P.O.V's are of Reima which you pronounce Ray-mah ahaha just so you know :) oh and who thinks that they can guess who that is at the side? :)


Reima POV.

"Deep in the forest, a wolf lay at rest.Staring up at where the moon shone bright.The wind danced on, carrying your dreams away to where they'll come true...and here is the place where I love you.." my voice sounds weak yet still full of emotion as I sing the lullaby that my grandmother used to sing to me. As much as it reminds me of that horrible night, i can't bring myself to forget it.

"Reima are you ok? You only sing that song when you're frustrated or thinking." Banshee'...