Chapter one!

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Hello my lovely readers! So this is a Naruto fanfic yay ...ok now that the spazing is over. I just wanna say that other than my soul eater fanfic, I have not done one of these so please be nice in the comments! Thankyou people! So without further or due, here is the first chapter of H.A.W >:D

Btw not all the P.O.V's are of Reima which you pronounce Ray-mah ahaha just so you know :) oh and who thinks that they can guess who that is at the side? :)


Reima POV.

"Deep in the forest, a wolf lay at rest.Staring up at where the moon shone bright.The wind danced on, carrying your dreams away to where they'll come true...and here is the place where I love you.." my voice sounds weak yet still full of emotion as I sing the lullaby that my grandmother used to sing to me. As much as it reminds me of that horrible night, i can't bring myself to forget it.

"Reima are you ok? You only sing that song when you're frustrated or thinking." Banshee's monotone voice barely reaches my ears as I stare deeply into the small camp fire.

Flicking my topaz eyes over to his spot across from me I can see that his usually stoic face is now laced with worry. I hate this feeling of reservation....I hate feeling like I couldn't have done anything. I sigh as their yells and cries repeat themselves in my mind, getting louder with every second. I can still here the wolves croon as they watch their comrades get killed infront of their very eyes. I watched the houses burn to the ground as agonizing screams echoed through the night. All I did was run away!Then again they were after Kuremeah, that's the-

"They were after both of us Rei. You are just as important as I am, do not forget that. I was sealed inside of you for a reason. I chose you for a reason, i sensed that you had the purest heart of everyone in the village. It is that imbecile's fault for not being able to accept that you were chosen not ..him." Kuremeah's soft silk like voice floats freely around in my thoughts.

She was right. it wasn't my fault that my idiotic, spoiled brat of a cousin couldn't accept that he couldn't get everything he wanted. Plus he was just down right full of evil and bitterness, Kuremeah told me herself right after she was sealed. She was truely a spirit of wisdom...


I snap my eyes over to see that Banshee is now standing right next to me, watching closely at my every move. I send him a small smile to show him that I'm alright. It's strange, I tend to drift off into thought alot. Not that I'm an airhead or anything, pft no that's more like Mina.

"Honestly you should pay more attention. What if ...he ," he shakes his fur out as if just by mentioning my cousin makes him sick to his stomach, before continuing " were to find us again?"

I give him a deadpan look before scoffing "Oh please even if he were around, you would sense him before he and his little servants had the chance to actually locate us."

"While that may be true, I cannot always keep watch. Especially while we are arguing like this." He states pointedly narrowing his blue eyes at me.

"You know you've been getting more cocky lately.Besides how can they posible locate little o'll me all the way in this vast, deep, dark forest huh?" I state smugly with a smirk etched on my face.

Before Banshee can reply his eyes grow wide as he lunges at me and growls protectively . I look over to my previous spot to see that a kunai with some type of paper tag is now slightly stuck in the ground.

"Heh didn't think we'd find you girl? You thought wrong." a deep voice says eerily from the darkness.

All of a sudden the paper starts sparking before it blows up, making splinters of trees shoot in every angle. Dammit a paper bomb! How stupid could I have been?

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