Prayer & Wish: II

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Lightning came to a vague realization: In this world where which the division between the weak and strong is so defined, those who are assigned to the lowest rank are deemed hindrances and cast aside. The strong demand those who serve them to be strong. They can't run, even though no one cares. This moogle was fighting a solitary battle here all this time.

"The weak serve the strong. That's the rule here, isn't it?"

With one more "Let's go" from Lightning, the moogle sprang up energetically. The wings on its back, which didn't even give the slightest flutter, beat strongly as if they regained their power.

"Are you hurt? Can you fly fine now?"

"All illness comes from the mind, kupo!"

"Why you sneaky little..."

While giving a bitter laugh, Lightning acknowledged that that might be true. She now understood all too well the strength one can receive from not being alone, and having someone to talk to.

"Master... I'll follow you until the day I die, kupo!"

I don't deserve to be called master.

"Anyway, tell me, you referred to this place as 'Valhalla'?"

The moogle nods. He titled his head to one side dumbfounded because it's rare to find people that don't know about this world.

"I don't know anything about Valhalla. Just where is this place? Are there no other humans?"


"Did you not see anyone else that looks like me?"

After thinking for a bit, the moogle swayed his head from left to right.

"I didn't see any here, kupo."

"But," Mog added as if remembering something, "I think I saw someone while I was coming here, kupo."

"Where!? Where were they!?"

Was it not my home world? Moogles were known as fictional beings so wouldn't the world in which we lived be counted as a part moogle territory. (?)

"I'm sorry. I don't know, kupo..."

The moogle became dejected. It's pom-pom atop its head and the wings on its back faced downward.

"I don't really remember what happened before I got here, kupo. I was drifting along the Void Beyond for a long time and when I woke up I was here."

"The Void Beyond?"

"That's what someone called it, kupo."

Drifting for a long time... That means that this place is exceptionally vast, beyond a doubt. And continuing to drift through the void beyond, he ended up here.

"I think I may have passed by a hu-man back in the Void Beyond, kupo."

"So could that mean the Void Beyond be tied to the place I was?"

That is a possibility. As long as the moogle didn't mistake a human being for something else.

"You didn't duel that person? Isn't the rule of Valhalla to fight? Oh, is the Void Beyond a separate place other than Valhalla?"

"The Void Beyond is a part of Valhalla, kupo. But, it's not a place in which you can fight, kupo. It's a place where you just keep getting swept along, kupo.

A place where you just keep getting swept along... which further increases the possibility that it's a path that ties my original world to here.

"How do you get to the Void Beyond?"

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