♥Chapter 1- Furea Hoshina Reborn♥

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Furea looked at the sky.

"Mom, today I'll be auditioning for Akb0048. Our dream." Furea said picking up her picture.

Acchan's full name was Furea Hoshina. Her mother died when she was young. She made one promise to her mother. She promised that she'd become the light of Akb0048 and shine brighter than the whole universe and she was determined to keep that promise. She layed her mother's picture down gently and got ready for school. Furea got ready for school. Akb0048 saved her. She never got along with anyone at school. They never talked to her. Afraid of losing her, they were afraid of getting hurt. Only because her years were numbered and they would never know when she would be lost from the world. She was very quiet and shy. That was her problem. She wanted to become an idol so badly..... but would her fear of a large audience prevent her from doing just that? She didn't know. Furea ate her breakfast silently and waved goodbye to her father. Her father was a very nice man, but after her mother died he never approved her dream. She knew it was going to be hard getting out of the house but she still wanted to go. To see the auduence was her dream. She wanted to see all the kiraras shine and sing the songs of love that would move others. Furea reached school. For some reason everyone covered their eyes when they saw her. Was it because she was disturbing? That bothered her for some time. She looked for her friend Daichi and Rin.

"Furea!" He exclaimed

"Furea-chan!" Rin exclaimed.

"Ohaiyo Daichi-kun, Rin-chan."she said as she smiled. Furea blushed. She secretly had a crush on him.

"Let's hurry to class." Rin winked.

"Furea-chan let's go." He said taking her hand.

"How are you guys not dating?" Rin teased.

They were both very red.

"Shutup Rin." Daichi said.

She laughed and followed the two of them to the classroom Furea sat down on her desk. She decided that she was going to announce her dream to the class.

'Will I really be able to do it?' she thought.

She had to get over her fear.
She got up from her desk and stood in front of the class. Rin gazed at her. Everyone was laughing or talking about enjoyable things. Some other friends were teasing each other.

"Excuse me...." Furea said in a low voice.

Everyone continued to talk. She felt discouraged.

'As I thought, I really couldn't do it...' she thought as she made her way back to her desk.

Rin stopped her. "Furea-chan if you want to say something just say it." she said.

She looked at Daichi who gave her a thumbs up.

She nodded.

'They're right. I have to do this.. Zettai ni (no matter what)' she thought.

She walked up to the classroom and sucked up all her courage.

She exclaimed, "Excuse me!"

Everyone stared at her. She blushed in embarrassment.

"Um... I'm....I'm going to audition for Akb0048! So please support me!" She said as she bowed.

For a moment everyone stared at her. Tears stinged her eyes.

'I knew it... I just embarrassed myself in front of the whole class... Maybe I should've not said anything...' She thought.

Daichi stood up and started clapping. Rin joined and started clapping.

'Daichi-kun, Rin-chan...' She thought.

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