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Lưu trữ (Save) by Homikushi_Hibike
Lưu trữ (Save)by Homikushi Hibike
Khu dự trữ và bảo tồn vẻ đẹp của anime. By Homikushi Hibike
  • aikatsustars
  • aikatsu
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Idol Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfiction) by Violet_Vermillion
Idol Hero (Boku no Hero Academia F...by Violet_Vermillion
Celestia Vermillion is a trainee of the idol group AKB48. When she watched their performance, it changed her life completely. In a world full of quirks, heroes grew to f...
  • midoriya
  • idol
  • todoroki
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AKB0048 Center Nova Stage by Amii1225
AKB0048 Center Nova Stageby Amii1225
This is a fiction and a fan fiction that I made from the anime AKB0048. I'll also make another characters! 2 years after Nagisa Motomiya succeeded the name Maeda Atsuko...
  • fanfiction
  • fictionalcharacters
  • anime
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All idols: Final stage (Crossover)  by Diana_hikari
All idols: Final stage (Crossover) by Author Z⭐
Hi minna~ this is my first story so please like it! Soleil luminas, W M from aikatsu; Aikatsu stars and M4; Solami dressing from pripara; Mars and callings from pretty r...
  • crossover
  • akb0048
  • aikatsustars
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Mobile suit gundam IBO X OC by Nasuki132
Mobile suit gundam IBO X OCby Nasuki Sora
*Warning I do not own this show nor the characters except the ones I've created* In roughly 300 years have passed since the end of the great conflict known as the "...
  • ironbloodeorphans
  • gundam
  • music
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Our Last Stand by Carl_von_Schwann
Our Last Standby カール·フォン·シュワン
[A Love Live! x AKB0048 Fan Fiction] DES has found a portal that will lead them to the past, back to when Earth was still intact, the year of 2013. And they will do anyt...
  • space
  • akb0048
  • muse
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All Stars Academy (Roleplay) by Precure_Forever
All Stars Academy (Roleplay)by ℳℐℋᎾ/美穂
This Is A Academy Where Four Different Universes Meet And Become Friends! The Four Universes: 1. Precure! 2. AKB0048! 3. Sao/Sword Art Online! 4. Fairy Tail!
  • precureallstars
  • precure
  • roleplay
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AKB0048 : FINAL STAGE by 2fabs4u0
AKB0048 : FINAL STAGEby Nmaster
After the war between AKB0048 and D.E.S for 3 years, AKB0048 finally won victoriously. Many things have changed after the war. IRIS became successors after the previous...
  • comedy
  • romance
  • akb0048
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Macross Delta x AKB0048 OC's by Nasuki132
Macross Delta x AKB0048 OC'sby Nasuki Sora
After finally restoring Akibastar to it's formal glory took some years, but sadly not with out a price. The DES made an unkown alliancewith an unknown probably new enemy...
  • macrossdeltaxakb0048oc
  • war
  • delta
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The Shining Idol by sharl_mae
The Shining Idolby sharl_mae
It's been a month since Tsuna and his family all returned to the present and he realized that Haru is not her usual self. What will happen to Tsuna and his family when t...
  • harumiura
  • 2786
  • crossover
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「Anime Lyrics」 by araigneenoire
「Anime Lyrics」by araigneenoire
Hey, people! This book is about Anime Lyrics. I have a list of anime songs lyrics stored in my laptop for years but I still update it. So, I thought of posting it here! ...
  • otakusforlife
  • vocaloid
  • jpop
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The Next Generation "AKB0048!!" by GekikaraLove
The Next Generation "AKB0048!!"by WaitingforDragonlord
Two months after Nagisa became Maeda Atsuko the 14th, members start to graduate, and new successors enters the picture, some more known or expected than others. But wha...
  • takamina
  • chieri
  • akibastar
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AKB0048:My stage by PrincessCeszi
AKB0048:My stageby Ceszi
The search for 00's 78 generation has started!Some successors started to graduate making the understudies a successor!More of it,A long lost member will finally be back...
  • shimazakihasruka
  • sister
  • akb48
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Without a trace; An Akb0048 Fanfic by CureBlossomGirl
Without a trace; An Akb0048 Fanficby Yvette T.
Everyone knows that acchan shined with a radiant light. Even though she dissappeared her light will never cease. I will show you her story. What was her name? What was h...
  • story
  • light
  • akb0048
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AKB0048: The War Of Entertainment by WarriorWokenritter
AKB0048: The War Of Entertainmentby WarriorWokenritter
Fanfic de la famosa Serie de Anime...AKB0048...la historia continua....
  • akb0048
  • anime
  • fancic
AKB0048 Rainbow Live by CureBlossomGirl
AKB0048 Rainbow Liveby Yvette T.
In the beginning of the 21st century, a world war breaks out over interplanetary travel tech. The environment is pretty much destroyed so mankind leaves Earth and starts...
  • rainbowlive
  • happynaru
  • prismworld
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I Want to be the Center!!! - AKB0048 Fanfic by TotallyOriginalname
I Want to be the Center!!! - AKB00...by ChibiDinoKitty
Nagisa Motomiya, never expected to get this far in her idoling career so in order to reach her goal of being the Center Nova, she will soar above the rest!! Follow a det...
  • akb0048
  • nagisamotomiya
AKB0048 Fanfiction! (Under Editing) by Littlemui
AKB0048 Fanfiction! (Under Editing)by Charma
I absolutely loved AKB0048 and all the characters and have always wanted to make a fanfiction so enjoy! I do not own any of the characters in the anime or the anime its...
  • akb0048
AKB0048 Nagisa time to shine (one-shot) by MayXDrewFan
AKB0048 Nagisa time to shine (one...by MayXDrewFan
This is about the real Nagisa who name now is Atsuko Maede also know as Acchan. After the final fight against the DES. AKB0048 won and a new story begins. There are many...
  • akb0048
  • nagisa
AKB0048 songs in English by KarraFirelove1212
AKB0048 songs in Englishby @HUNTxHUNTkil
  • nagisa
  • songs
  • no-name
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