Chapter 2- A Vow of Friendship! The Auditions!

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Furea bumped into a girl with short blond hair and sky blue eyes. "Gomenasai!" Furea exclaimed. The girl smiled and got up. "It's okay." she smiled. She revealed her hand with a kind smile. Furea shyly grasped it. When she got up she quickly apologized. "Gomenasai! Gomenasai! Gomenasai! Gomenasai!" Furea exclaimed over and over. "It's really okay, I'm not hurt or anything." The girl smiled awkwardly. Furea looked at her admiration. She was so beautiful and kind. "I'm relieved." Furea smiled. The girl gasped then smiled.  "Are you here to audition for Akb0048 too?" the girl asked. "Yes! It's been my dream ever since I was a little girl! I really lovve Sashiko-san! But I must become greater than her!" Furea exclaimed. The girl laughed. "Gomenasai!" Furea exclaimed. She blushed in embarrassment. "You're a really interesting person aren't you?" she smiled. Furea smiled back at her. "Ahhhh! Get away from me!!!!" a girl with dark green hair exclaimed. Furea and the girl turned to the scene."But Shiori-chan you're so cool!!!!" a girl with light green hair exclaimed. "Gahh!" the other girl exclaimed. She stopped and spotted the girls. "Umm can you guys hide me?" she whispered urgently. "Um sure?" the girl said. "Thank ya!" she said as she hid behind  the girls. "Ehh Shiori-chan where did you disappear to?" the girl with light green hair said. She had her hair covering her eyes. 'Why?' Furea thought. "Gotcha! Shiori-chan can you become my prince?" she said as she hugged the other girl. "No get off me!" she exclaimed crying anime tears. Furea and the other girl sweatdropped. When the girl finally let go of the other short girl she smiled towards them. "Are you guys auditioning for AKB too?" she asked. "H-Hai." Furea said shyly. "Oh really us too! I'm Mikako Minamino! Nice to meet you!" The girl winked. "And I'm Shiori Arisawa nice to meet you." Shiori said. "I'm Tsubasa Kokoro! Nice to meet ya!" Tsubasa smiled. "Ahh your names are so awesome! Ah oh gomenasai I'm Furea Hoshina niced to meet you!" Furea rushed. She never talked that much. "Cute!" Mikako exclaimed. "Cute?" Furea said as she blushed. "And Tsubasa you're so spicy!" Mikako exclaimed getting way too excited. Tsubasa blushed. "Hehehe she's always like this." Shiori smiled. "Why is your hair covering your face?" Tsubasa said trying to fix her hair. Mikako pulled away. Tsubasa looked at her strangely."Don't. If you see me you'll hate me." she said as she lowered her head. "What would make you think that?" Tsubasa asked. Her bangs covered her eyes. Shiori put her hand on her shoulder. Mikako smiled. "You see, I hate my face. Every time  someone sees my face they try to hurt me. I don't want that anymore." Mikako said sadly. "Minamino-san!" Furea exclaimed. She looked at her surprised. "I'm Furea Hoshina. I really love Akb0048, and used to watch it with my mother. She died when I was young. From throat cancer, the same cancer I have. My father never approved of my dream. But I'll never give up." She grabbed her hand.  "I'm Tsubasa Kokoro!" Tsubasa said. "Tsubasa..." Furea said with gratitude. "I feel like my mother never loved me. She killed my father, and hurt me so many times but AKB was my only friend. I came here to fulfill my dreams. Akb0048 helped me meet all of you. My precious friends." Tsubasa said. She took her other hand. "Um you already know me as Shiori Arisawa. Mii-chan you've always been there for me. After losing my brother to a car accident I lost all my hopes and dreams. I lost all my confidence. I always blamed myself and to this day I still do. Um I know who you are. I know how beautiful you are. Please Mii-chan show us your face!" Shiori said as she began to cry. She took Furea and Tsubasa's hands. They all started to cry. Furea wipped her tears and fixed Mikako's hair. Her hair was so soft and her face was so beautiful. "Minamino-san you're so beautiful!" Furea exclaimed. "Arigatou! And you can just call me Mii-chan!" Mikako smiled. "Mii-chan it is." Furea smiled brightly. "Everyone hands in!" Mikako said. "Hai!" everyone said. "Let's become Akb0048 members together!" Mikako cheered. "Yeah!" everyone said with their hands in the air. "Oh yeah have you guys checked in yet?" Shiori asked. "No." Tsubasa and Furea said is unison. "Yay! That means you can stay with us!" Mikako exclaimed. They laughed. After a delicious meal they returned to their room. "Shiori-chan you're so cool! Come on be my prince already!" Mikako exclaimed as she hugged Shiori again. They all laughed as Shiori scowled at her. Tsubasa climbed up the bunk bed. "Um Furea?" Tsubasa whispered. Furea looked at her. "Can I stay with you?" Tsubasa asked shyly. Furea laughed. "Of course." Furea smiled. She layed down next to her. "Hey Furea?" Tsubasa said. "Yes." Furea said. "Can we be together forever?" Tsubasa said. "Of course Tsubasa-san." Furea smiled. They fell asleep in each others arms. Tsubasa woke up before everyone. She looked out the plane window. It was the Akb0048 headquarters. "Everyone wake up its Akibastar!" Tsubasa exclaimed. "Ohaiyo!" Mikako exclaimed. "Ohaiyo gozaimas." Shiori said. "Ohaiyo." Tsubasa said as she stretched. "Eh? Furea-chi's still asleep?" Mikako said confused. "EH!?!" they all exclaimed. "Furea! Wake up! Wake up!" Tsubasa exclaimed. Furea opened her eyes. "Oh look Tsubasa-san there's turtles in the sky!" Furea said half asleep. They all laughed. "WAKE UP!" Tsubasa exclaimed. (TEN MINUTES LATER) "Oh ohaiyo everyone." Furea said. "T-Turtles!" Shiori exclaimed laughing. "Ehhhh? What happened." Furea said. After Tsubasa explained to her what happened Furea's face turned red in embarrassment. "EHHHH!?!" Furea exclaimed. Furea picked up her mom's picture. "Good morning mom. Today's the auditions. Wish me luck okay?" Furea said. They all smiled. "Let's go everyone." she said holding the picture tightly. They took their bags and left the plane. They were escorted inside of the building. A lady with purple hair and green eyes walked up to all the girls auditioning. "Hello to all you girls auditioning for Akb0048. My name is Kaori Misaka, your manager. This audition will determine who will be the 73rd generation kenkyuuseis..All of you girls passed the first part of the audition but the second part won't be as easy as a nice voice. Well then, freshen yourselves up and we'll begin your training." Kaori said. "Let's do this." Tsubasa said as she smirked. "Oooh Tsubasa's getting more spicy!" Mikako exclaimed. They all laughed. They rushed to the bath. Furea covered her body in soap and then washed it off. Everyone sat in the water relaxing. "Hey Furea, about yesterday..." Tsubasa started. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." Furea winked. "Ehhhh what is this??? Secrets????" Mikako said in an awfully weird voice. "You don't keep secrets from your friends." Shiori said scarily. Furea and Tsubasa hugged each other frightened. "GAH! WE'RE GONNA DIE!!" they exclaimed. After running away and finally giving in the bath was over. "I wonder what type of training we're going to do." Furea said grabbing her towel. They put on their clothes that was placed in the lockers. "Yeah me too." Shiori said as she put on her sweater. "Maybe we'll have modeling lessons!" Mikako suggested. "M-Modelling? I won't do well in that!" Furea said freaking out. "Of course you will cuz you're so cute!" Mikako said pinching her cheeks. "Mii-chan you're so creepy!" Shiori said creeped out. "Probably singing and hardcore dance lessons." Tsubasa said. "Hontou ni!?" Shiori and Furea exclaimed frightened. "Yep. My calculations never lie." Tsubasa said showing her glasses. "I'M SO BAD AT DANCING!" Shiori exclaimed. "Me too!" Furea exclaimed freaking out. "What are we going to do!?!" They both exclaimed hugging eachother. Mikako laughed. "Okay is everyone ready?" Kaori asked. Every girl nodded. "The final audition will be combat. Fighting is apart of being in this world." Kaori said. "Ehhhhh!?!" the four girls exclaimed. "I'm totally gonna die." Shiori said. "Combat? Is she serious?" Furea asked. "My calculations were wrong for the first time." Tsubasa said surprised. "Weird but it sounds cool!" Mikako exclaimed. "She would be the one to say that." Tsubasa whispered to the girls. They agreed very seriously. "Hey guys I'm right here." Mikako whispered. They laughed. "Everyone pick your signature weapons. In the final test we'll use guns but for now use what you choose." Kaori instructed. Everyone rushed to pick their supplies. Tsubasa picked a hat accessory. She swinged it and knives formed on the hat. "Hat boomerang?" Tsubasa guessed. "This is definetly mine!" Shiori said as she put on a bow. "Ooooh what do we have here?" Mikako said grabbing a lipstick gun."My weapon is always my mic! Wait what does this do?" Furea asked. She pressed a button and a blue light turned a microphone into a sword. "Gah!" she exclaimed frightened by the sudden outburst. The girls laughed. "Furea-chi you're too much!" Mikako said. "Okay, I see you've all picked your weapons to your hearts content. Okay now pick your partners and attack." Machienes came from the room attacking. "Shiori!" Mikako exclaimed. They were back to back. "Got it!" Shiori smiled. "Furea! Me and you right?" Tsubasa asked swinging her hat. "Sure!" Furea said pressing the button. Mikako launched at the machines with her lipstick gun knocking them down instantly. Meanwhile all Shiori did was run away from them. "Wait! What does this bow do!?!" Shiori exclaimed. "This girl." Kaori said as she shook her head. Shiori swinged the bow around. She saw the machine and continued running. "Don't just run!" Kaori exclaimed. Tsubasa, Mikako, and Furea tried their best not to laugh. "Okay I got this." Shiori said. She stopped running and just stared at the machiene. She took the bow off and hit the machienes with it. They were all electrocueted. "Yes! I did it." Shiori cheered. The machienes were coming in Tsubasa's direction. "I'll move first!" Tsubasa exclaimed. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Ya!" Tsubasa said breaking one machiene. "Amazing! Wow these girls sure are violent!" Kaori said impressed. "Furea switch!" Tsubasa said. "Hai!" Furea said. "Haaaaaaaaaa!" she said as she held onto the machiene's leg. "Furea what are you doing?" Tsubasa asked. "Um n-negotiation???" Furea said. Sounded more like a question than a statement. "Um Mr. Machiene yeah hey um so can you like um um can you not attack me?" Furea said. Shiori and Mikako were dying laughing. Tsubasa glared at the two friends sending shivers down her spines. "What is this girl doing. Negotiating while the enemy is trying to kill you is not a good idea! They'll have your head!" Kaori exclaimed. "Eh? I want to keep my head! Don't take it from me!!!" Furea exclaimed. Tsubasa slapped her hand on her head. "This girl is hopeless." Kaori sighed. Sure Furea was scared but she kept pushing herself. She remembered all the innocemt lives that were threatened by DES. "You hurt all those innocent people and take their entertainment away...That I would never forgive!!!!" she exclaimed. "Wow Furea's really getting into it!" Shiori smiled. "My Furea-chi is so cute!!!" Mikako exclaimed. "Wow.. she just said one of those statements you hear in magical girl animes. This girl is really something special." Tsubasa said. Furea Furea picked up the whole machiene. "EHHHHHHHH!!!!" the three girls exclaimed. "WHAT!?! What great strength!" Kaori exclaimed. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yaaaaaaa!" Furea swinged the machiene and crashed it into the wall. "How will I repair that wall!?!" Kaori exclaimed devastated. Furea ran  to the machiene and sliced it in half. Even though it was already dead she continued to stab the word repeating "Die! Die! Die!" "Um Furea I think it's already dead." Tsubasa said as she sweadropped. "Oh! I wouldn't want to be that thing. Anyways well done everyone. You may get some rest. Be prepared for take off. Your final audition will be at gorilla concert. You must protect the members at all times." Kaori said. "Wait right there!" a girl yelled from the croud. Thefiur girls looked at the girl in confusion. "What is it?" Kaori asked with her glasses giving off light from the glare. "So the members are just going to be singing and having fun on stage while we are risking our lives!?!" another girl said. Many other girls agreed. "Do these people really have no passion?" Mikako said angrily. Shiori put her hand on her shoulder. "It's okay Mii-chan." Shiori assured her. Mikako smiled and calmed down. "Being here is a privilege if you don't like it then just leave." Kaori said. The girls gasped and gave her dirty looks. Most of the girls called their families and left. Furea became very confused. "How could they just leave without trying?" Furea asked sitting next to Tsubasa. Tsubasa began to eat her food. "Some people are like that. I hope you aren't guys. Giving up without even trying. You're my first frienda. Please don't give up on your dreams." Tsubasa said sadly. "Hey, don't worry about it. I'll never leave you alone. I'll always be watching over you." Furea said. "Definetely!"Mikako e claimed. "We'll always have your back!" Shiori smiled. They looked at eachother then smiled. Back at the bath they washed their bodies and relaxed in the hot tub. "Hey guys...... can you promise me something?" Tsubasa asked. "Hmm?" they all asked. "Promise me that you'll survive tommorow and that we'll be understudies together." Tsubasa said shyly. "Of course!" Mikako said hugging her. "It's a promise then." Furea smiled. They all put on their pajamas and got their combat outfits for tomorrow. They boarded Flying Get. Furea floated to her section. Surprisingly all her friends came bursting in. "Sleepover with my cute Furea-chi!" Mikako exclaimed. "Mii-chan you're so creepy!!!!" Shiori said as she playfully punched her arm. Tsubasa came in shyly. "Um Furea..." she said. "Yes?" "Can I sleep with you?" Tsubasa asked shyly. "Sure!" Furea smiled. "Awe Tsubasa you can be so cute at times!" Mikako exclaimed. "URUSAI!(Shut up)" Tsubasa exclaimed. The next morning Tsubasa woke up earlier then everyone else. "Eh Mii-chan you're still awake?" Tsubasa whispered. "Yup! I was so excited I just couldn't sleep!" Mikako cheered. "That really sounds like you." Tsubasa said as she giggled. "And she kept me up too..." Shiori said as she pouted. Tsubasa giggled. "Good I have something I want us to do. The only one not awake is Furea." Tsubasa said. "Of course! Furea-chan is a deep sleeper!" Shiori chuckled. "Awe she looks like an angel in her sleep!" Mikako said excitedly. Shiori and Tsubasa took a moment to blankly stare at her then laughed. "There's no way she's gonna wake up unless we start doing that." Tsubasa said. "You're right." Shiori agreed. "Furea-chi!" Mikako exclaimed. "Furea! Furea! WAKE UP!" Tsubasa exclaimed."Huh? Oh ohaiyo Tsu....." Furea said half asleep. The others laughed in the background. "Wake up!" she exclaimed. "I'm awake." Furea said. "You really love to sleep don't you?" Tsubasa teased. Furea smiled an awkward smile. She looked at the other two girls laughing. "DID I SAY SOMETHING EMBARRASSING AGAIN?!" Furea exclaimed as she panicked.  They walked to the bath. No one else was there or even awake. Furea covered herself in soap and swam in the hot tub. Shiori was swimming frantically trying to hide her body. "I DON'T HAVE A GOOD BODY SO LEAVE ME ALONE!" she exclaimed terrified of Mikako. "I'm going to tickle you!" Mikako said evilly. "Gah!" Shiori said scared.  "Furea-chi! I'm coming for you now!" Mikako exclaimed. "EHHH!?!" Furea exclaimed. "Furea-chan retreat!" Shiori exclaimed. "Tsubasa~!" Mikako exclaimed. "Gah!" Stay away from me!!!" Tsubasa exclaimed. They put on their practice clothes and went in the combat room. "I rebuilt the machienes so they should work again. Let's practice on our own." Tsubasa said. "EHHH!?! Rebuilt!?!" the other three exclaimed. "Tsubasa-san you're so amazing!" Shiori said with sparkling eyes. "Arigatou." Tsubasa said as she winked. "Spicy!" Mikako exclaimed. They all laughed. "Okay guys defeat every machiene that comes at you." Tsubasa said. She also joined. "One!" she said. Four machienes came at them. "Haaaa!" Furea said stabbing it. She went to Shiori to back her up. "Thank you Furea-chan!" Shiori smiled. "Anytime!" Furea smiled. They all defeated them quickly. "Two!" Twice as many machiemes came at them. Mikako quickly attacked them with her lipstick gun and Tsubasa backed her up with her hat boomerang. "Three!" three times the amount and stronger machienes came. Everyone was struggling. Furea's eyes might was blurry. She was instantly knocked to the ground. "Furea!" they all exclaimed. Shiori tried to get to her but the machienes came for her. "Fight Furea!" Mikako exclaimed. One tear slid down her cheek. The pain was too much. She hated feeling weak and hated the fact that she couldn't be strong for her friends. She swallowed the pain only increasing. But she rose up. She sliced the machiene. "Gomenasai minna I'm fine now." Furea smiled. "Furea!" they said as they smiled. "Good Job everyone!" Tsubasa smiled as she handed them towels. They wipped their sweat. Furea's body ached but she managed to smile. After practice they saw the successors. "Bokura wa yumemiteiru ka? Mirai who shinjiteiru ka? Kowai mono shirazu. Minohodo shirazu muteppou no mama ima bokura wa yumemiteiru ka kodomo no yo ni massara ni shihai sareta kusari was hikichigirou!" they sang. "Sugoi." Shiori said. "They aren't just singing and dancing. They're putting in as much effort as we are." Furea smiled. Everyone nodded. The successors smiled at them. "Ehh! Um gomenasai!" they all exclaimed and closed the door. "Lets do our best!"Shiori exclaimed. "Yeah!" everyone said. After some more practice it was finally time for the final test. Twenty three girls filled the room. "Okay girls now that you're all dressed the test will begin." Kaori said. "Go!" she exclaimed. Furea ran behind a rock. Tsubasa was on the other side. Mikako and Shiori were in the very front. They heard some girls crying. "I don't wanna die!" one said. "I wanna go home!" another said. But Furea didn't complain. She was very weak and couldn't do much but she gave this her all. Her body ached. She didn't let out a single cry out. She took her gun and started to shoot bullets.The first machiene was down. Seven more to go.Tsubasa threw her at boomerang and Shiori electrocuted a machiene with her bow. Two down six more to go. Three other girls shot at a machiene. One down Five more to go. Mikako used her lipstick gun and gun two down three more to go. Furea got up and ran to the machiene. She sang beginner with the other succesdors and sliced the machienes with all her might. She looked at Tsubasa.A bullet was coming at her. "Watch out!" Furea exclaimed. She jumped in front of her. "Furea!!" Tsubasa exclaimed. She was knocked out. Tsubasa killed the last of the machienes. She ran to Furea. "Furea!" she exclaimed weakly. Her eyes burned. Soon tears cascaded down her cheeks. One hit her eye. Furea began to move. She opened her eyes. "Furea! Furea, thank goodness. I thought you were, I thought you were gone." Tsubasa said as she cried. "Congratulations you nine. You are the next generation kenkyuuseis. Kaori announced. Furea looked around. Her three friends were understudies! But there were many other new faces. Furea and Tsubasa were together in a room. One tear slid down Tsubasa's face. "Tsubasa-san?" Furea said worried. "I don't want to be alone anymore. I want to make more friends and have more fun
I don't want to be alone. To tell the truth I don't really like combat fighting. The guns and stuff are all so scary. I don't want to be alone."Tsubasa said allowing herself to cry. Furea put her hands on her cheeks. "I won't leave you alone. We'll be friends forever."


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