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Mikey keeps his head down and pulls the hood of his black sweatshirt over his head. It's the first sunny day in months, supposedly warm enough to just wear a t-shirt, but Mikey still regrets not bringing his very nice, very heavy, black winter coat.

If Frank is fucking late again, I swear to God I will not let him see Gee for a month. Mikey thinks to himself, nudging his toe around in the dirt. Not like he had any control over Frank and Gerard. If he even tried to pull them apart, it would end miserably.

Miserably for Mikey, at least.

It's the same thing every week, really. On Fridays, Frank shows up a little late and the two boys end up running to class. Then, during lunch, Mikey complains to Frank and makes a bunch of dumb, empty threats. He reminds Frank how much he hates running. Frank apologizes, then offers to buy him a coffee. All is well.

The empty chatter from other students is loud, even for a Friday. Mikey tries to eavesdrop but he can't really focus on one conversation. So he just zones out until Gabe Saporta's voice shakes him awake.

"Hey, Wentz, that color looks good on you, baby. But how about we put that shirt on my bedroom floor, hm?"

Gabe's not even talking to Mikey, but it's the mention of Wentz, Pete Wentz, that causes him to glance up. He's not disappointed; Pete Wentz is certainly walking towards the school, smirking at Gabe, black hair falling into his lined brown eyes. Replacing his usual black t-shirt, though, is a bright yellow shirt with cut off sleeves, that says, I'm in Miami.

Pete flashes a pretty smile at Gabe. "It's Friday, babe. Gotta get down on Friday, amirite?" He's quoting Rebecca Black. Mikey genuinely can't believe this guy.

"Oh, I'd get down on you." Gabe says in a breathy voice. "How about I get into your pants? I'll be partying' partying, yeah?" (How these people have friends, Mikey has no clue.)

"In that case, I definitely look forward to the weekend." Pete runs his hand down Gabe's back and winks at him. Gabe winks back. If it was anyone else but Saporta, Mikey would be a little jealous, but come on. This was Gabe Saporta. Gabe might pretend he's a fuckboi, and he might have had fun doing it, but everyone in the school knew he was very, very dedicated to William Beckett.

Speak of the Devil. William walks up to Gabe, and before either one can say anything, Gabe pulls William into him and starts passionately, almost aggressively, making out him. William immediately reciprocates. Someone whistles at them. They both ignore it.

Mikey turns away from Gabe and William just as Pete starts walking up the front steps. He smiles at Patrick Stump, amazing vocalist, who smiles back, and Mikey wishes he kept his head down, because he has the perfect shot of Pete swooping in and kissing Patrick on the cheek. Patrick shoves him away, almost playfully, and they walk into school.

Mikey's heart sinks a little, even though that's fucking dumb and illogical. He doesn't know Pete, not really. They've had one interaction, years ago and completely forgettable and absolutely unexceptional.

And Mikey still remembers it perfectly.


Just like Mikey had expected, Frank shows up late. They go through the actions of morning classes; pretend to be interested in the girls. Frank does well on his music exam. Mikey gets a B- on his surprise math test. At lunch, Mikey notices Pete from across the cafeteria, who obviously doesn't notice Mikey, but is laughing hysterically at a joke Brendon Urie made.

"Pete Wentz, huh?" Frank asks, nudging Mikey. Mikey blinks and scowls.

"I wasn't staring at him," Mikey says, and Frank just sighs and goes back to his sandwich.

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