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There's a nice, happy routine after the first time at Pete's house; a nice, happy routine that lasts about two weeks before Patrick and Mikey finally meet alone.

It goes less than well.

Mikey has gotten the most that he could out of the last two weeks though; calling Pete every night, seeing each other on weekends, creating inside jokes with Joe and Brendon. It's easier to joke around and tease Pete, who only responds with hugs and nicknames like, "Butterbean" and "my huggable munchkin". They hold hands in the hallways and people don't stare anymore; everyone's used to it.

After the first week, Gabe dragged Mikey out to a party with him, telling Pete that this was a "Man's night out". Pete, Ryan and William had fun together (probably doing their nails, who knows?) and Gabe, Brendon and Mikey danced and drank until Andy dropped them off at Pete's house, where they all stayed the entire weekend. Mikey was dying from a killer headache, and he could barely remember the night before, but Pete was stroking his hair and humming so how bad could it really have been?

There were moments when Mikey would forget they weren't dating; where an "I love you" almost escapes his lips, where he almost reaches out to hold Pete's hand. He never slips up, though, but he wants to.

He's not sure how to feel about it.

Three weeks left. That's how long until Gerard's birthday dinner, and Mikey would love to forget about that, but it's hard to forget the exact date that you lose your boyfriend.

Still, Mikey has more immediate things to worry about. Like how he'll be alone with the intimidating, whilst very adorable, Patrick Stump for two+ hours.

"Why are you so worried?" Pete asks through the phone. Mikey can hear Frank and Brendon laughing in the background.

"No reason." Mikey says, wondering how fucking oblivious Pete is. I'm about to spend time with the guy who is your ex-boyfriend. "What's Patrick's favorite song again?"

"Thriller, Michael Jackson. Twinkle twix, you'll be okay."

Just to keep himself from freaking out, Mikey takes a sip of his frappucino. "Will you ever run out of nicknames?"

"Nah. You'll be okay, right?"

"Of course." Patrick's walking into the Starbucks, so he whispers, "Patrick's here, bye." And hangs up before Pete can say anything.

"Hey, Mikey." Patrick says with a smile. He looks friendly enough, wearing a denim jacket over his blue and black striped shirt. Mikey smiles at him.

"Can I buy you a coffee or whatever?" Mikey asks, gesturing towards his own cup.

Patrick shakes his head. "I'm good, actually. Thanks though."

Mikey nods, and neither one says anything for a moment. Mikey didn't really have anything planned, he's here out of obligation. Patrick looks sort of awkward, too.

Finally, Mikey says, "Is there anything you want to talk about?"

"Actually, yeah." Well, fuck. This wasn't the response Mikey wanted to hear. "Uh, so, you're with Pete?"

"Yeah." He's not sure where this is going, but Patrick clasps his hands together and sets them on the table, looking very serious. "It's um, two. Two weeks."

"I used to think it was weird." Patrick starts. "Mostly because, uh... It seemed sort of sudden." Pete never talked about you before, is what Mikey hears. Mikey nods.

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