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Hey, thanks for coming over today. Mikey texts after dinner. He's not going to lie; it took him thirty minutes of deleting and retyping before he got the nerve to send it.

Thank god Pete isn't one of those people who are slow to reply; Mikey's phone chimes almost immediately, with Pete's response- no prblm dude- guess im ur bf now.

Yeah. Are there any like, rules you want to set up?

??? no? tbh this is ur ruse or whatever im fine w/ nything.

That's cool. Mikey figures that if any issues pop up, they can talk about it. But first, the basics.

We should figure like, basic details about each other? Just to get to know each other better.

smrt idea. :) call me?

So Mikey does.

"Hey, Mikey Bae," Pete whispers.

"Is that the best pet name you could come up with?" Mikey asks, and he can hear Pete chuckle.

"I can call you Honey toes if you want." He says.

"Dear god, no. Anything but that."

"Anything? Plum muffin? Cuddle bug? Cabbage puff?"

"Oh my god, stop."

"Honey toes it is, then. How was your day, Honey toes?"

"I hate you." Mikey mutters, and Pete laughs. He has a nice laugh, warm and sort of breathy. "So you... you talked to Patrick?"

"Yeah! Told him I was going to ask you out, and he was really happy for me."

This throws Mikey off a bit. "You... You told him we were dating?"

"Well, I told him that after I did the whole roses and rain thing. He's cool with it. I think you should sit with us at lunch tomorrow. Frank can sit too, I made sure to ask."

"That's... That's really sweet, thanks. I'll be sure to tell Frank." Speaking of Frank, Mikey knew the boy would be like Gerard's little spy. Not that Mikey could blame him; if he had a boyfriend (like, a real, non-fake date boyfriend), he would probably tell him everything too. "Not to scare you, but, uh, we need to make this convincing at school, too, so maybe we could... um..."

"Hold hands?" Pete says. "I mean, we could go in. It'd be, like. It'd be cool. With you. If you want."

Is Pete nervous about this too? "If you're okay with it. Maybe we could. Like. Go into school together. And separate at our first class."

"Good plan, Honey toes." Pete says, and Mikey groans. Pete chuckles then says, "Okay, Mikeyway, introduce yourself to me. Favorite color and animal and everything."

Mikey does, starting with his full name and answering all the little questions thrown at him. It's the most fun he's had in a while, but there's a little part of him that knows that Pete didn't know a thing about him until now, and Mikey still remembers exactly what he looks like four or five years ago.


Pete Wentz is sitting on the hood of Andy's car when Mikey shows up. When he sees Mikey, he jumps of the roof of car, and calls out, "Hey, Sugar Angel."

"That's worse than 'Honey Toes'" Mikey says, ignoring the way his heart beats when Pete smiles at him. God, he's pretty up close, and Mikey means that in the most casual, no-homo way possible. Of course he does.

"Well, you're my sweet angel." Pete leans in, not too close, but something is happening in Mikey's chest and he rolls his eyes.

"You're gross."

"Well, we're dating, aren't we?

"Yeah, but-" Mikey's about to make the point that real couples don't act like this; but then again, Mikey's never been in a real relationship, so... "Uh, you kind of have to help me with the dating thing. I haven't really.... uh... this." Especially when it comes to you.

Mikey expects Pete to make fun of him, because how lame was that? A seventeen year old who never dated anyone, who hasn't liked anyone since he was eleven. Granted, Mikey didn't say the last bit out loud, but if he did, Pete would probably laugh.

Or maybe not. Because instead calling him a 'wuss' or 'stiff', Pete reaches over and takes Mikey's hand in his, carefully lacing their fingers together. Mikey stops breathing for a moment, almost afraid to move, but Pete's hand is warm and fits as if it's the most natural thing in the world.

It's almost funny, how Mikey struggles to breath but holds Pete hand like he was made to do so.

"Is this okay?" Pete asks. "I can let go if you wa-"

Mikey bobs his head up and down quickly, then stammers, "Wait, I mean, don't let go. This is okay, great, even. You- You have nice hands. Do you use lotion?" And then feels himself go red. He was perfectly fine, until Pete decided to hold his hand. Fucking Pete. God.

"This is just for like, the fake dating," Pete assures him, and Mikey just keeps his mouth shut and nods, trying not to feel hurt. Pete flashes him a confident smile, and Mikey smiles back; half because Pete's smiles is so wide he squints his eyes and it's kinda cute, but the other half is because he, Mikey Way, is holding Pete Wentz's hand and he doesn't want to let go.

Even if this is fake.

Even if this is just in preparation for Gerard's birthday.

Still, it's easy to forget that this whole thing is fake when Gabe yells, "Baby, you're 75% water, and I'm thirsty!" and Pete replies, "Go to a water fountain Saporta, I'm trying to impress my hot boyfriend!" 

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