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Jared's head snaps towards the window as I hear a howl. "Stay here"Jared says before running out of the door.I quickly get up following him I see him make go into the woods was he a lunitic it was probably the wolf.I ran after him like the idiot I was, I couldn't just stand around and let him die.

That is the third time I'd seen that tree god dann it I'm lost and now I'm gonna be killed by some wolf thing that probably killed Sam, Jared, and god knows who else.I got out my phone it was on two percent damn it.I quickly typed on the phone praying it wouldn't die.

Sos I'm lost in the woods wolf thing killed sam help

I quickly pressed send and as soon as my phone said it had been delivered my phone died.Great.I felt a rain drop hit my face.Even better.I slowly sat down beneath the tree.It then hit me Sam had been killed....I didn't  know why but at that thought I started sobbing I don't know why I can't explain it just my whole body shutting down I had no control.I couldn't stop crying my whole body shaking all I could feel was pain physically and mentally.I don't remember how long I had been there but it was pitch black out when I heard footsteps.I then saw a guy he came closer and I realized it was Charlie"Emilia?"He questions I couldn't get my self to be able to speak a small whimper left my throat when I try.He looks at me sympathetically before taking out his radio "I found her she's in pretty rough shape were ugh...."He looks around"probably a half mile from you"He says"Do w-"the man gets cut off and there was silence before a ruff sad voice got on"She's okay...?"It said sadly but my heart lept with joy at the sound of it.I couldn't connect it to any person until Charlie spoke"God damn it Sam get off the radio"He was annoyed but Sam was alive he wasn't dead he was alive!

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