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*a few months later*

I sat at Jake's as he worked on his bikes and I prof read one of my clients books.I heard a car pull up and saw Jacobs face light up I smiled at his smile I followed him out of his work shop."Bella!"He says as we both run up to her"Where the hell have you been, loca?"He says hugging her and spinning her around"Seriously its like you dropped off the face of the earth"I say as I hug her Bella laughs"I brought you something "She says"Really?"I say excitedly"actually just something for Jake sorry Emi"She says.I got the vibe she wanted to be alone with Jake "that's fine I'm gonna go check on billy"I say"okay bye Emilia"Jake says

"Hi billy"I say walking in the door"Emilia I was just about to come get you"He says coming over to me"I need you to go over and take care of someone for me. Sam Uley is going through a really bad break up and I need someone to look out for him for me please"He says"uhmmm...Okay do you need anything first I could cook you and Jake something to eat"I say"no we'll be fine. I think the sooner you get there the better"He says.

I knocked on the door as I lightly tapped my side out of nervousness.I was sad for some unknown reason.The door opened just enough for a boy just a little shorter then Sam walks out shutting the door behind him"Yeah?"He says"Uhm...I'm Emilia...ugh Billy Black sent me to check on Sam..?"I say stupid nerves He looks at me seeming suprised"Emilia...like..Emilia Black?"He says"Well...ugh...my last names not...uhm really Black its...ugh actually Herson but basically everyone thinks I'm Billy's daughter"I say quietly"Come in just know Sam's kind of a mess right now"He says opening the door and walking in"Sam's upstairs first room on the right"He says grabbing a bag of chips and sitting on the couch.

I stood outside the door its been like five minutes I just can't get up the nerve to knock on the door.The door flings open and a Sam runs out down the stairs I quickly follow him for some unknown reason.The boy meets me at the bottom of the stairs"You don't want to go out there"He says with his arm blocking my way. I couldn't control my body, I ducked under his arm and went out the door right as I giant black wolf was standing outside I screamed the wolf turned and looked at me.Its eyes showed it was sad but it ran into the woods quicker than I could think.

"Where's Sam?"I ask the boy that told me his name was Jared he had me sitting on the couch and was trying to calm me down but all I wanted right now was Sam I think he might be dead"Emilia its okay"He says for the millionth time"No its not! Sam is dead or hurt because of that...that wolf!"I yell standing up"We need to find Sam. I have to make sure he's okay!"I yell again on the verge of crying.

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