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Its been around two months since I figured out about Sam and the reat of his pack.He's actually the alpha can you belive that? Well aparently Jake is about to turn I was excited and so was Billy we both hated lying to him.Today I was on my way to Sam's.  I've started being at Sam's almost all day besides going home to sleep and checking on Billy and Jake.

I sighed as I walked into Sam's house it was 5am early I know but considering nonw of the boys knew how to cook and they were on patrol almost all day there is only four of them but they've spotted some vampire and I'm already worried enough about that let alone having them starving to death.I walked into the kitchen and looked into the fridge I grab out all the stuff I need to make pancakes.I was making them when I felt two hands wrap around my waist pulling me close to them a cinnamon smell bringing a smile to my face."Goodmorning baby"I say"Morning princess"He says"Whatcha cooking?"He asks looking over my shoulder"Pancakes Embry's favorite he has been sad about losing Jake and Quil lately and I wanted to cheer him up"I say right on que Embry walks in a frown on his face as he goes to sit on the couch Sam lets go of me leans against the counter and starts looking through yesterdays mail "Not even a hello"I call"sorry im just tired"Embry grumbles"Me too"I agree"Why don't you sleep longer then?"Paul says walking in"it is a Fourty-Five minute drive from my house here and you all can't feed yourselves"I say"Stay here then"Sam says"yeah right"I say with a laugh"I'm serious"Sam says putting down the mail and looking at me I instantly stop laughing and look back at him"you really want me to move in?"I say"why not your here most of the time anyway plus you won't have ro get up as early and you'll be closer to Billy and Jake"He says"okay"I say he smiles beforw kissing me  "Ewwww"Embry says.I pull away and laugh as Sam turns and glares at Embry."Embry can you set the table, Paul grab the apples out of the fridge, Sam find our where Jared is please"I say turning back to cook the pancakes.

"None of you are leaving tell you eat an apple you need to eat your fruits and vegtables or you will die"I say staring at the bowl of not touched apples"I don't think that's true"Jared says looking around trying to figure out if ur was true the boys laugh at him."just eat them"I say they all grumbled picking up an apple except Sam.I look at him daring him to try me he smirks back"Fine don't I'll just move in with Embry"I say crossing my arms over my chest and smirking at sam who frowns but still doesn't grab one.I turn to Embry"is that okay with you Embry? "I question looking at him and smiling he looks between us panic stricken"ugh uhm ugh"Embry says I walk out of the kitchen past Sam grabbing the apple I turn to Sam holding it out to him he glares at it before grabbing it and taking a bite.I smile triumphantly before turning around and walking back towards the kitchen to finish the dishes.I feel someone smack my butt I feel my checks heat up I walk into the kitchen too embarrassed to turn around.

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