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"Emilia!"I turn around to see Bella coming up to me"Hey Bells how are you I haven't seen you in forever"I say"I'm great"She says clearly lying . I don't bring anything up about it though"I was wondering if you wanted to come over sometime"She says"Well actually Embry Quil and Jake are staying the night at my house tomorrow if you want to stay"I say"Sure do you want me to come over at like 7?"She asks"Yeah that's fine I got to get back to the reservation I promised Billy I'd come over for supper.You know he's always worried about me living on my own"I say"This has been going on since I was like 12"She says"You make me feel so old"I say with a laugh"Its not my fault"She says laughing along with me"Hey wait its your birthday today isn't it?"I say"Shhh"She says looking around"Its not like your turning 40...anyways I got to go bye Bella Happy Birthday!"I say hugging her before walking off.

*Next Day*
"Jake Embry I swear to god if you break my TV!"I yell at the two boys playing monkey in the middle over quils phone as I walked over to get my phone to check and see where Bella was its already 9.

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I can't make it tonight I'm not feeling to well sorry ~Bella

"Bella ditched us"I say"You mean she ditched Jake, lover boy creeps her out"Embry says laughing"Shut up"Jake says hitting Embry in the back of the head"You have Mario cart!?!?"Quil shouts "Yeah"I say"Tournament now"Embry says

"Bella's missing!"Jake yells hanging up the phone"I'll check around forks"Embry says immediately"I'll check the woods near her house"I say getting my keys and walking out the door.


I was walking around the woods currently with my flash light I was majorly creeped out and right then I heard some leafs shuffling and then a stick snap I spun around seeing a giant black wolf I froze the wolf stood and stared at me for at least five minutes its gold eyes shinning.I then heard a soft groan from beside me I spun around and saw Bella passed out on the ground. I turned back and the wolf was gone.I quickly started trying to wake up Bella with no luck when I heard another stick snap I turned in the direction it came from and saw a shirtless boy I then realized it was the guy named Sam that started that cult.I should of been scared of him but surprisingly I actually felt safer now that he was there

"Help her please I don't know what's the matter with her but she won't wake up"I say before he walks over picking up Bella"Let's just get her home"He says before starting to walk off"What's your name"Emilia Herson"I say"I'm Sam...Sam Uley"He says"Your Billy Blacks daughter aren't you?"He says"Not really his real daughter but he's basically my dad yeah"I say we were silent the rest of the way back to Bella's house we walked out and Charlie went to Sam as I walked up to Billy"You shouldn't of went into the woods its dangerous out there"He says"I'm sorry I was just worried about Bella and ugh...I ugh...uhm saw a giant black wolf out there"I say he looks up for a minute at something behind me before smiling"You meet Sam out there I guess he must of scared off that wolf"He says"...I guess so..."

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