Chapter [10] Pair Up

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Chapter Ten:

"Okay class. Pair up." Mr. Danforth instructed.

Brett didn't come to school today and he's like the only person I actually know in this class, well other than Skylor. Kind of. I was sitting alone and soon noticed a girl walk over to Skylor's table. She was a pretty blonde.

"Skylynn do you not have a partner?" Mr Danforth asked.

"Oh um, I-"

"I'll be her partner!" Another blonde girl volunteered as she sat next to me. I noticed that she sent a small smirk to the girl that was partnering with Skylor.

"Okay, so let's get started." The teacher clasped his hands together and began talking about our assignment.

"So, you're new here?" She turned and asked me.

"Yeah, I am." I nodded. I looked away for a second to take out my notebook to write some of the notes from the board down.

"Where are you from?"

"Canada." I smiled.

"Oh my gosh that's so cool what part?" She smiled.


"That's so amazing. No wonder you're so nice from what I've seen. Do you like it here in California?"

"Yeah. The weather is really nice." I laughed a little. "What's your name again? I'm sorry."

"Oh it's Gigi." She smiled.

"Nice to meet you."  I smiled.

We began listening to what Mr. Danforth was actually saying. We had to work on a project together for a week where each group had to choose an important event in history and create a timeline that led towards it and the aftermath. "Okay class you can have the remaining ten minutes of class to brainstorm what you're going to research on." He said as he walked towards his desk.

"So you've seem to acquire a great group of friends. Seems like you've gotten really popular here." She tapped her fingers slowly on the desk.

"I wouldn't say I'm popular. I just have really good friends." I acknowledged.

"What about Skylor back there? Aren't you two pretty close?" She asked.

"Oh no. I've only ran into him a couple of times but that's it. I don't really know him like that. He's pretty mean." I rolled my eyes at the thought of him.

"He doesn't seem mean to me." She glanced behind us at Skylor. My eyes followed suit.

And sure enough he was laughing and smiling with that girl.

"I guess he's just an ass to certain people then." I shrugged. "So about the project, what are you thinking about?" I tried to change the subject.

"Oh yeah. How about Cleopatra." She suggested.

"So, Jonah. What's up with you and Tori? Are you guys like...a thing?" Bonnie teased.

"After Friday night, we better be." The huge grin on his face was almost scary.

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