CH5. Foreverwing Island

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</~ Toothless's P.O.V ~/> 

I landed exhaustedly on the shores of Foreverwing island. Night had fallen hours ago and my wings felt like led. I folded them and made my way up from the shore and onto large stone slabs that covered a lot of the beach before dying off into woodland. A Deadly Nadder, who had likely been waiting for me gave a roar to signal my arrival. I didn't recognize where I was, not that I should have, it was too long ago. As a hatchling I had visited the island with my father's sister, the only family I'd had left.

No more than three months ago news had reached me that the great Night Fury, Eclipse, had died. I was told it was peaceful and that there was nothing that anyone could have done. I had known from the moment I had heard the news that it wouldn't be long before the circle started to seek me out to take Eclipse's place. And so here I was answering their call. Part of me had wanted to refuse, to stay on Berk. But I knew that if I ignored them they would never stop pestering me.

Two Deadly Nadder's landed on either side of me, their claws clacking on the stone. One was red with bright yellow patches in odd places and the other was nearly the opposite with dark blue scales. 

"We have been tasked to escort you safely to the Circle." The red dragon on my right said bowing his head.

"Very well." I said and nodded onwards showing that they should lead the way. The dragons made no indication to fly (I wasn't complaining) so I followed them on foot through the dark forest. We passed deep ravines and large lakes, before coming to a stop at the cresting ridge of a deep basin. It looked like a dragon had scooped a wingful of dirt out of the ground and what was left was a huge dip in the ground as deep as a ravine, but not as wide. In the center of the basin was a hill surrounded by water. I raised a wing to shield myself as a great snort sent a gust of wind over me. The Deadly Nadder's bowed before backing away and disappearing into the trees. I suspected that there were other dragons in those forests, watching intently. No doubt eager, as I was, to see what would happen.

The hill gave another snort and opened two dark green eyes, if I looked closely I could even see a mouth with blunt grassy teeth. A neck stretched out and the hill made its' way towards me, dragging its large legs through the water. In all aspects the dragon did look like a hill. Trees dotted its back and I saw a few Terrible Terrors squawk in surprise and fly away. Gnarled tendrils extended from its head and chin.

"Welcome." Foreverwing said in an ancient voice that sounded like it wasn't used often enough.

"It is good to see you again, Elder Foreverwing." I said bowing deeply.

"And you. What do you call yourself now, young Night?" Foreverwing said his eyes blinking blearily at me. 

"Toothless." I said proudly and ignored the snickers from the woods. The dragons that tried to scorn me were quickly silenced by other older dragons that recognised the importance of this moment.

"I see." The old dragon said peering closer at me. The phrase made me think that perhaps the dragon saw more about me than what others first saw. I tried subtly to hide my tail under my wing. "Do not hide your scars."

I lowered my head silently and moved my tail out from the protection of my wings' shadow. Flittering growls came from different parts of the wood as I subconsciously opened and closed my tail in time with the hurried breaths that were becoming more and more panicked.

"I am sure you have faced great ordeals that none of us can begin to imagine." The dragon said with a pointed look at the surrounding trees.

I remained silent not speaking unless the Elder purposely asked me to. "Please do tell." Foreverwing said and I struggled to meet the Elder dragons' eyes.

"It happened nearly two years ago now." I began hesitantly. "I had managed to resist the Red Death's control but it was pushing me closer to an island called Berk. I managed to find loopholes in his orders and destroyed the villagers' buildings rather than killing the actual people. This nearly cost me my life. One night I targeted their watch towers, I'd barely blown two up before I was taken down by grappling nets." And angry growl echoed throughout the forest and I tried my best to ignore it. Along with that lone growl of anger there were also other little noises that reached my ears. I even heard a dragon telling another to leave and not listen to 'this pompous dragons' fairytales.'

"I woke up the next day with a human standing over me, he was about to kill me, but something stopped him. Instead he cut me loose." I thought about how Hiccup hadn't killed me and how I had returned the favour.

I wasn't sure how long I talked for but by the time I concluded my story with the battle of the Red Death my voice was hoarse and I desperately wanted some water, or better a nice fresh mackerel to sooth my throat.

"Of course, you must be exhausted." Elder Foreverwing said as though reading my mind, suspicion darted in and out of my mind but I pushed it away. "Has anyone seen Runa today?"

Runa? I thought to myself and looked around waiting for a dragon to emerge from the surrounding woodland.

"I'm here old gramps." Said a voice and I hesitated for a second. That voice, it didn't sound right. The dragonese didn't seem to flow right. Turning around I saw a dragon had indeed shown itself, she had come out of the water without a sound and landed near me. The dragon was like nothing that I had ever seen, four wings beat powerfully before landing softly on the ground. Her scales were the colour of.. well it was hard to tell what colour they were. A mix of turquoise, green and purple wove through them creating a metallic effect. And if I focused on it for a while I could have sworn that the colours moved and shifted.

"Runa, I would like you to show Toothless around the island for today before he begins induction tomorrow." A girl slipped off the dragons back and landed crouched on the ground. She stood up and swept her silvery hair out of her face. I looked puzzled at her clothing, it was similar to that I saw on Vikings at Berk, and yet different. Leather leggings that looked almost black with a matching long sleeved shirt. At the wrists white strings had been tied around her arms as though the shirt had originally been to big.

Runa huffed and folded her arms. "No." She snapped. Growls of unease darted around the forest but Foreverwing's gaze remained neutral despite the uptight rudeness. He was still patient despite his old age, I took that into account. At least if I failed miserably at this 'induction' he was talking about the old dragon would be more or less patient with me. 

"You will give our guest a tour." His voice was firm. Runa held his gaze for a moment before her shoulders sagged in defeat. "Dismissed." The dragon said with a yawn that almost blew me of my feet. 

"So, you're the one they all talk about." Runa said. It wasn't a question or even a statement. To me it sounded more like an accusation. I stayed silent. "Do you talk?" She asked. 

"How do you speak dragonese?" I growled the firs thing that came to mind. 

Runa laughed, "I learnt it from old gramps over there." 

"He's your grandfather?" I asked letting that turn over in my mind. 

"Not biologically obviously." Runa said rolling her eyes. She waved an arm signalling that we should move on. "Oh, and this is Aerilaya." 

Runa waved to the dragon behind them who was slowly following. The dragon surveyed me with a curious look, paying special attention to my tail. She made no attempt at a greeting so I also stayed silent and turned back around to look out over the basin. It was a spectacular view.

"You're probably tired so I'll try not to drag this on?" Runa said smiling lopsidedly. 

"No please, I am very curious about this place, it has changed a lot." I said as we continued around the edge of the basin. 


So I changed the pov for this book because I felt like 3 rd person wasn't flowing for me. It made me feel very old and when I went back over it I found it kinda boring with all the he, she and they. 

Thanks for reading :P



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