Chapter 9

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Annie POV
"I'm sorry for what I said Mikasa.It's because we fall in love too quickly and get heartbroken too easily.But the truth is you make my face red and my heart beat!"She kissed me."I've missed you so much!"Her eyes got full with tears."I will never again leave your side!"She grab my hand and smiled.

The night we went to a restaurant with her agent Petra and her model boyfriend Levi so that we can thank them."You don't have to thank me actually I feel guilty for being so annoying with my calls and texts."Don't worry Petra.You were actually right I can't just quit my carrer."Mikasa turned to me and put her hand on mine."Annie is there something that makes you stay in your hometown?Well I don't think there is why?Do you want to stay here and live with me?W-what?My face turned red.

"I'm serious."I k-know that of course I want to live with you!She smiled and giggled.The other I went to Armin's place to get my baggage."Thank you for everything Armin."No problem Annie I'm going to help you with your baggage."He picked up one of bags.We went to the adress where Mikasa told she live.She gived me her key because today she had a photoshoot.I opened the door and went in.Her apartment was very big.It had two bedrooms,one kitchen,a living room and a large bathroom with a big bathtub.She told me when I get here to feel like home.

I left my baggage in our new room and decide to call Reiner and Bert to tell them the good news."Annie I can't believe your calling us.What happened?I'm going to live with Mikasa.Whaaat?"I heard them both screaming from the phone."Now if you are calling to invite us to your weding..I cut him of."What wedding we are not getting married I'm going to stay here with her.We are going to live together."I blushed behind the phone.

"Omg Annie we are so happy for you.Bert screamed."Bert get yourself together."I said in a serious voice."Your uncle will be very happy when you tell him.Yeah which reminds me that I have to call him too."We talk a little and after that I called my uncle and told him.After that I sat on the bed and started waiting Mikasa to come back.As I was waiting I fall asleep.When I woke up I discovered a black haired girl laying next to me and holding my hand.It looks like Mikasa fell asleep too.She must be tired from that photoshoot.

I went to the kitchen to make us dinner.

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