High School

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Your P.O.V

'Ugh! Why?!' I mentally yelled. Today was the first day I, (Y/N) (L/N) will be attending Gotham City Academy. It's my first time actually going to a school. Ever since I was found by Poison Ivy, she kept me away from people because my powers were unstable. But now they are, when I used to get mad I would always end up freezing the entire room. I can also fly and have telepathy and can heal.

I get off my bed and turning off my alarm clock. I groggily walked to the bathroom, took a shower and washed my hair. I got out wrapped myself in a towel. I walked over to my closet and pulled out the school uniform. I'm not a fun of skirts sometimes or school uniforms in general, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It's also too cold for them but it doesn't bother me that much.

After getting ready I said bye to 'Mother Ivy' as I call her to mess with her, she likes the name so I don't mind calling her that on a daily basis. I walked out of the old abandoned Gotham Botanical Garden, I walked down the sidewalk towards the school. The sun wasn't all the way up, it was at least six in the morning. I live a half hour away from the academy but since it's my first day I want to get to know it better.

Time Skip

I finally reached the school. 'Oh wow. This place is huge! I'ma get lost!' I walked around looking for the main office.

Barely anyone was here, maybe at least twelve the most, including the teachers.

At least ten minutes I finally found the office. I walked in and waited till one of the ladies behind the desks noticed me.

I was getting tired of waiting since they obviously didn't notice my presence. I cleared my throat, still nothing. 'So called best school. My butt!' I decided to speak up. "E-Excuse me.." 'Damn you stutter' I scolded myself after speaking up. One lady looked up at me with a shocked look then with a small smile. "Sorry I didn't notice you!" She said. 'No shit Sherlock' "What do you need?" She asked going to a computer. "I'm new and I need my program."(That's what it's called at my school.) I told her. She nodded and started typing, "Is your name....(Y/N) (L/N)?" I nodded with a small smile. She smiled back and printed my program. "We didn't assign you a locker yet but comeback at the end of the day, we will likely have one for you okay?" She said. I nodded and left.

I walked looking for my classes. The school was getting crowded little by little. I noticed some girls that looked snobby and all whore like. 'Great they're real..' I groaned mentally. After finding all my classes and finding a way to get to them, I went back to my first class. I stood outside the room scrolling through my messages with Terry Terror. We were somewhat close, I met him and his sister when a bunch of villains came by the garden to discuss some plans. I ignored when they talked because there was no point for me to listen, One: I wasn't allowed out, Two: I can read their minds if I needed to.

As I was scrolling, I felt eyes watching me. I looked up and looked around until I came into contact with these really beautiful blue orbs. I saw him gasp lightly and turn way quickly. 'His face is a little red now..is...is he blushing?! Why would he be blushing?...Maybe from embarrassment. Whatever.' After my little talk with myself, I looked back down at my phone only to hear someone speak, "Dick? Why is your face red? Do you have a fever?" A female voice said. I looked back up only to see a red head putting her hand on the kid, from before, forehead. His face grew redder, 'Heh he's type cute-Wait What?What did I just say? I don't know this kid and already I think he's cute..' I shake my head and walk into the class room. I sat down in the very back in the corner by the window.

A few minutes pass and finally the teacher arrives. She starts to go through the attendance. I noticed she didn't say my name so I raised my hand.

"Hm? Yes?" She said.

"You didn't say my name. It's (Y/N) (L/N)." I told her.

"Okay. How do you spell it?" I spelled it for her. After a while she looked at a paper at her desk. "Ah. You're the new student. Yes, did Mr. Grayson help you around?" She asked. I shook my head and said, "No one attended me this morning." She somewhat pouted.

"Richard." She said in a warning tone while looking at the kid. I looked towards where she where staring at. 'It's him again...' I mentally gasped.

"S-Sorry miss I w-was late this morning.." He trailed off looking down. She only nodded. You turned away looking out the window. Ignoring the lecture about some guy who took over Dominican Republic.

I started daydreaming.

Time Skip

The day is finally over. 'Ugh! School is soo boring' On my way I saw the kid from earlier. I think his name was...Richard? I noticed him walking up to a mansion on a hill. 'He lives there?!' I stopped and stared in awe.

Ten minutes passed of me staring, I noticed I probably look like a weirdo just standing there looking at the mansion. I continued my walk home.

I got to the garden and walked in. "Mom I'm home!" I yelled. Since I didn't get a response I assumed she was out causing trouble. I went into my room which used to be an office. It looked like an actual bedroom, the walls were (F/C) with white snowflakes. The floor was white carpet. Mom had Lex do all the installments.

I threw my bag into a corner of my room and changed into a tank top and sweats. I took all my books out and started to do homework.

'This is gonna be long. Ugh!'

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