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"The fuck took you so long?"

I asked as I rushed over to Chris's car in a panic. She got out of the car with a smile on her face. A smile that I'd only seen when she was fixed up on a girl. And she'd been having that same smile on her face since she met Vanessa. I shook my head, forgetting the situation that I was in.

"Business." She smiled as she shut the door.

"Man..." I smile.

"So you ready?" She asked, knocking me back into what I needed to do.

"Man, I've been staring at the fucking envelope since it's gotten here, impatient for Tereny to leave for work." Just thinking about what could be on that paper in that envelope, it made me feel sick to my stomach.

"Bruh, everything is gonna be a'ight. I'm sure if things don't end up the way you want them, you can always explain to Tereny and she'll understand. From what I've seen, you've got an understanding wife." She tried to assure me as we walked inside of my house.

I'd dropped my baby girl, Britney off to Cheri's house for a little play time with Cashmere like I did every Friday while Tereny was working, so I shouldn't expect anybody home for a while. I was going to have a little bit of time to myself to try and gain my composure if shit turned out the wrong way.

As we entered my house, there was shit everywhere. I tried to straighten up a bit to make Chris feel comfortable, but there wasn't a straightening up in this world that would clean the house.

Life as a first time parent, everything in the world but your child goes unbothered. Old Little Caesars pizza boxes, mixed with Pizza Boys boxes were scattered along the coffee table. Some of Britney's baby toys were on the floor, and Tereny's clothes were on the floor from where we fucked all damn night last night while Britney was asleep.

For real, as first time parents, I wasn't getting no kind of play from Tereny. So, I took it whenever I could. I could barely go a day without having sex with her. And whenever Britney was out of the way and unheard, I was trying to strip Tereny out of her clothes, first thing I get.

I gathered up Tereny's clothes from last night and placed them onto the sofa and kicked Britney's toys out of the way and sat down where the envelope was resting. Chris sat down beside me and took a deep breath with me. I just wanted to throw up a lung or something. This was getting nerve wrecking by the minute.

I mean, what the fuck am I going to do if shit is wrong? And Tereny's forgiving and shit, but she ain't that forgiving. She'd probably break my neck. Even worse...break my body in two. Damn...

Chris picked up the envelope addressed to me. Bruce Golden. I looked down at my wedding band and then at the envelope in Chris's hands as she wasted no time tearing the envelope damn near to shreds.

"Wait! Slow down, bruh!" I shouted. "You opening that shit a little too damn fast for my liking, man." I say, brushing my right hand down my face, trying to pull myself together.

"My bad, bruh." Chris said as she slowed down.

I swear, watching Chris's fingers work through the envelope damn near had me losing my mind. I just wanted to fall out on the damn floor and die. Chris watched my reaction as she pulled the folded paper from the envelope. AW SHIT! Shit was about to get real, because deep down... I already knew.

"You ready?" Chris questioned me.

I didn't fix my mouth to say anything. But she went on anyway, unfolding the paper and taking another deep breath, swallowing hard as if it was her marriage that's possibly on the line.

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