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Mercina is the ship name for Martina (Violetta) and Mercedes (Ludmila). They are best friends unlike their characters Violetta and Ludmila. They hang out together alot of the set of Violetta.


Both speak Spanish.

Both are really good friends with each other.

Both have a tattoo.

Both are Argentinean.

Both have a name that start with M.

Both are actresses and singers.

They worked for "Violetta en Vivo".

They both love their fans.

Both are a part of the main cast of "Violetta".

Both have natural brown hair.

Both had their first appearence on TV in Violetta.

Both have/had blonde hair.

Both are in "Violetta: La Película".

Both can sing in Italian.

Both are single.

Both have nicknames they use (Tini and Mechi).


Mercedes is 22 and Martina is 18.

Mercedes' birthday is in October and Martina's is in March.

Mercedes' eye color is hazel and Martina's eye color is brown.

Mercedes was born in La Plata and Martina was born in Buenos Aires.

Martina has medium brown hair, and Mercedes has blonde hair.


Their relationship is totally different to the one between Violetta and Ludmila.

They are best friends on the set of Violetta.

Martina's mom, Mariana, loves Mercedes like her own daughter.

Mercedes wrote the song "Luz" for Martina.

They sing the song "Mas Que Dos" at Violetta Live.

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