Violetta 2

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During this season, Violetta meets a new suitor named Diego. It comes between Leon and Violetta who themselves have only just getting back together. Diego finally managed to separate the pair after many shenanigans and then obtains the heart of Violetta. In truth, this whole charade was a plan organized by Ludmila who she was friends with Diego since they were young. Ludmila has never abandoned its main objective was to send Violetta. Violetta is facing various problems such as the arrest of his father that he will be the victim of a trap programmed Matias and Jade, his ex-girlfriend.

Then Violetta loses his voice in mid-season and makes playback .. At the rest of the group, Maxi and Naty are together, Francesca made the acquaintance of a young boy named Marco a friend of Diego and falls in love, Camila Broadway and encounter many difficulties in their relationship and separate repeatedly. Camila meeting Seba (Rock drummer of Bones) while two are close and begin couple but quickly separated because she realizes her love for Broadway. Andres is dating the daughter of the Mayor, Emma but the relationship does not last. Olga made the acquaintance of Emma's body guard girlfriend Andrés. Germán first met Esmeralda, which she is part of a plan engineered Jade who wants revenge on his former companion, Germán. León has two passions, motocross and music, several times, he must choose.

After parting with Violetta, León sees reveal a certain attraction to Lara, her mechanic that she was secretly in love, they end up getting together. Despite their relationships and their many disputes, Violetta and Leon still have feelings for each other but admit it later. Violetta's father wants to keep an eye on Violetta, and then passed to a new piano teacher at the studio named Jeremias. Everyone is familiar with it, including Angie but this one quickly discovered the truth. She feels betrayed and decides to go to settle in France for some time. Later Violetta also discover the truth about his father who then in terms Jeremias Diego and Ludmila scheming against her.


Martina Stoessel Violetta

Diego Dominguez Llort Diego

Jorge Blanco León

Mercedes Lambre Ludmila

Lodovica Comello Francesca

Candelaria Molfese: Camilla

Facundo Gambandé: Maxi

Alba Rico, "Nata"

Nicolas Garnier : Andress

Samuel Nascimento : Broadway

Diego Ramos : German / Jeremias

Clara Alonso : Angie / Angeles

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