Violetta 3

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Violetta celebrates her 19th Birthday with her Friends at Studio On Beat in Barcelona. This is her last year at the Studio. Violetta and Leon are still in love but it will not last because two new characters; Gery and Clement; may upset the couple fell in love with Leon respectively and Violetta. Camila and Broduey are together until the arrival of Rock Bones then the couple to reform their departure. Francesca and Marco will always be a couple until he announces that he needs to leave for London cause of is carrer. Diego and Francesca become friends but realize they have feelings for each other and decide to live their relationship secret for fear of hurting Violetta. Maxi and Naty are couples despite a few fleeting quarrels. Ludmila is couple with Federico it is in Italy for some time. Ludmila still struggling to endure until a Violetta together the event: Germán and Priscilla (mother Ludmila) fall in love and decide to live together. As in, we can see that the relation between Violetta Ludmila and becomes complicated. Violetta and Leon separate again. To get closer to León, Violetta creates another identity and is called "Roxy", it will result Francesca in his deception. Angie is back and will surprise the new couple Priscila / Germán. Ludmila and Violetta are sisters by marriage despite their discontent. Meanwhile, Gregorio left the studio to create a new facility for teaching singing: Art Rebel, with his son Diego. But the death of Antonio upsets Studio and Gregorio has to be with Pablo. Olga wants a marriage proposal from Ramallo but it is not decided. Later, she falls in love with Roberto and vice versa, Ramallo then realized his mistake and his love for Olga. It takes the turn of a love triangle. Later, Ramallo, Olga and Roberto formed a band which is called "Personal Space". Priscila's mother, Ludmila and Germán's father, Violetta decide to celebrate their union closer to the family. As for Matías, it is always in a relationship with Marcela Parodi. Jade, she met Nicolas, the father of Clement and begins to bond with itself if it stays crazy in love with Germán. She decides to marry German to pain. Clement (son of Nicolás) between the Studio under the name Alex to not be recognized because his father is against the idea that it makes music and prefers it is dedicated to marketing. Leon falls in love with "Roxy" and Violetta decides to stop dressing up in the Roxy traits. It accepts one last appointment with Leon but Roxy as it recognizes and decides not to talk to Violetta.

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