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Anna :

I wrapped myself in a big blue fluffy towel and jumped out of my bathroom.

Finally, the day I was badly waiting for had arrived. My German weekend course at the Berlins Deutsche Institute is starting from today. Time seemed to be running fast, and I'm still confused what to wear..!

I open my wardrobe and searched for a decent outfit. Soon I ended up grabbing a black baggy jeans which matches my black eyes and a skin tight long red colored top which made me look bit taller than my 5'6" height. I started to comb my hair and here ringed my phone.

" Eello... Anna...!!" a excited girl squealed on other side.

"Hey, Jessssssss.... ! " I replied. She's Jes, my ninny best friend. We were together since kindergarten and she knows everything about this nerd.

" So, I can hear excitement in someone's voice ".

"Yes, isn't it oblivious. It's related to German.. my girl. Anything about it can drive me crazy" I giggled.

"I know, but you could have joined there after your junior college ends. Won't it be a tight schedule for you? Monday to Friday college and Saturday-Sunday that German thingy" she sounded worried.

"No worries, darling..! It won't be hectic for me in any way. Besides if I start with it after my junior college, I won't be able to complete all levels before my senior college ends" I stated truth.

" Okay, my nerdy German translator" , to become a German translator is the my aim of life. "Now quickly send me the pic of your outfit for today".

"I'm running late.. I can't, you remember the outfit I had wore on Jason's birthday party. I'm wearing it" I reminded her.

"Awwww... no way ! That's the worst combination " she sounded annoyed. Jes had a incredibly wonderful dressing sense. She used to be always up-to-date with all lastest fashion trends. And was a trendsetter in our college, but I was her old-fashioned nerd best friend.

"But I'm not changing now. I'm already late " I replied firmly, checking the clock on my bedroom wall.

" C'mon Anna, you are such a beautiful girl, why are you hiding your petite figure underneath those baggy jeans and no offense, but your big rimmed glasses sucks..!!"

"Can we talk about this later, I'm lateeee....." I whined losing my patience.

"Fine, but we got to speak about this soon and give you a makeover" I could imagine her dancing at the thoughts of the all things we might do. Keyword: might.

"Yeah, bye" and I hunged up.

I'm happy the way I am, in my vintage classic old dressing style. And I believe, we don't need to impress a person by wearing good, expensive and oddly short dress. It's too dope.

I tied my long hair in a messy bun, wore my big round black rimmed glasses and raced downstairs. I said bye to my mom and dad who were busy checking some papers, sitting in our study. I guess those papers would probably be all the bills. We were a common middle classed family, who need to work on our each month's budget.

I made my way to the hall and saw my 8 years old brother, Ashton playing his favorite spongebob square pants game on our medium sized TV.

" Rock the floor with your intelligence sis..!! " he said grinning at me.

I went over him, "Thank you " I replied ruffling his brown hair, just like mine.

I stepped out of my house and German here I come.....!! ♥



Hope that everyone like and eventually love my book...! :)

This is my first book and I know there would be some mistakes. I'll try my best not to emit any. I assure you all, I'll surely improve my work with time. And I would even try to update chapters asap.

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