Welcome Home Ana....Part 2 

Marcos Pov

Marcos was livid! When the guards came into his room during the party to inform him the girl had jumped off the roof, he lost it. Acting on anger he ripped all three of the guard’s throats out. He quickly sent the remaining guards after her.

How could this happen?! The last two months she has been at his side not showing any more signs of escaping. Now he realizes it was a ploy to get his guard down. One that worked well.

Suddenly his phone chirped

"Have you found her?!" He asked without a greeting

"Uh, no sir. We followed her scent into the forest but-but" the timid guard on the line trailed off

"But what?!"'Marcos shouted impatiently

"But there was platinum in the air shielding her scent" the vampire guard muttered. Marcos was seeing red. He slammed his fist into the window in the back seat of the car. Glass shattered everywhere.

How the hell did she get platinum?! The planning behind this escape couldn't have been alone. He would find out who betrayed him by helping her and rip their heart out!

"Drive faster!" He yelled at his driver slamming his phone down.

Marcos needed to get back to his manor ASAP. He couldn't allow his secret weapon to get away from him. Not until he used her for what he was training her for. With the power she has, she is the only one capable of killing the king that took everything from him. Marcos would find her, no matter what.

Seb Pov

It was 3 am and Seb couldn't sleep. All he kept thinking about was Ana. Her smile, her laugh, her kiss…. He paced his room in frustration. Seb wished there was a way of knowing if she made it out okay. It was both good and bad that he couldn't attend the event.

Good because Marcos wouldn't suspect his involvement, bad because he couldn't be there to ensure it all went accordingly.

Damn it! He thought raking his hands through is over grown hair. What if that was the last time he saw her. The way it ended between them…. His thoughts were cut off by the door rushing open. Marie stepped in looking afraid

"Marcos is home. He is beyond mad and requesting you" she said as a tear fell down her face. Seb wiped it away and kissed his little sisters forehead

"Don't worry Marie. We expected this." He told her gently before leaving the room.

Seb practically ran down stairs to Marcos office. He was so anxious to know what happened. He wasn't stupid though. Seb made sure to place a blank expression on his face, he wouldn't give away a thing.

Entering the office he could understand why Marie was so scared.

Marcos was in a rage.

 The older vampire was thrashing about the office destroying everything in sight. Ana must have made it out. That's the only explanation for Marcos's current fit. Seb was so overjoyed on the inside but he wouldn't dare show any of it. He could feel Talons cold stare from across the room.

Marcos phone ringing stopped the chaos for moment

"Tell me you found her!" He said angrily. It was quiet for a second as Marcos listened to the response of the caller. Seb knew the instant the news wasn’t in Marcos's favor when the vampires eyes turned completely black and his fangs erupted.

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