Pure (Complete) Sample

Pure (Complete) Sample

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Analise POV-New Year's Eve (11.57pm)

I remember the day I died like it was yesterday. Strange knowing that was two long years ago. How weird is it to know you have a date of death to reminiscence about. Most people remember birthdays, anniversaries and even holidays with loved ones. Too bad I'm not most people.

Two years ago was the ending of my human life but only the beginning of my immortal one...

 A strong wind blows my flowing dark hair as I step on the edge of the roof of the twenty story building. Glancing down I wait for fear to coil inside me but I'm greeted with nothingness. For last two years as Marcos prisoner that's the main feeling I'm accustomed to... Emptiness...

"Don't move!" shouted a deep masculine voice.

Turning gracefully on my heel yet still staying on the edge I glared at the bulking man pointing a gun at me along with fifteen other of Marcos guards pouring onto the rooftop. Guess the jig is up and they are well aware of my attempted escap...