2. [Dark Times]

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Wrote this August 31, I deleted twice before deciding to post it today. Remember read it  & keep it 100 with me. 



Sitting outside on the block with August and his people made me realize New Orleans was totally different from Houston, it was like a different world here. It was in a bad way either, this city has some what help me wanna be a better me on the inside. "It's some crawfish in thea' if you want some" Cha's voice came from behind me. I turned to see her holding her daughter "Thank you" I turned walking into the house behind her. "What's your girls names" I made small talk while sitting at the table with her.

"This hea' is Kayden, befo her was Amaya, then my first born Chaylin" She smiled "They're all beautiful" I cracked the crawfish "Thank you" She was always smiling and happy. I think it was contagious but I was okay with that I needed good energy. "Aye, we gone. Your more then welcome ta stay with Cha, cause she ion got no friends and neither do you" August cracked grabbing a crawfish of the table. "Get hurt Anthony" Cha eyed him

"I'm playing, but I'm leaving foreal though. I'm gone call ta talk ta my babies later since Mel gave me his old phone" August told her. "They a be waitin"

"You ready" August looked at me "Come on, thank you again Cha" I stood up pushing August threw the house "Watch it na" He hit my hand away. "Sneak don't forget to call me nigga" Aug yelled out to his twin cousins as they walked away.

"How you even tell them apart" I wondered "Sometime ion be sure I just take a chance" He laughed "We got 60 dollars left, Mel suppose to get up with me later so I might get more but it ain't promised" Aug threw his arm around my shoulder

"That's cool" I stated.

I'd been staying under the bridge in the tent with August for the past three months. Within those three months we've had each other back, I've learned so much about him. My favorite thing about August was that he could sing, like not play singing but real singing. He mostly only sung at Mel house, but sometimes I could get him to sing me to sleep.

"Emmy" August voice brought me out my thoughts "Yeah Aug" I looked at him "You should go stay in the shelter tonight, Iono how long I'm gone be gone with Mel. I don't want nobody to try you while I ain't hea'" He crawled into the tent.

He was half way out his mind right now "No, I feel way safer under here then in those weak ass shelters" I whined

"Don't start that shit" Aug kissed his teeth "Fine stay hea', but keep this I a call you ta check on you"

I took the phone from his hands "Thank you" I smiled but he didn't "Smile, pa-lease" I dragged please "Fa what" He tried to fight it but his smile appeared "No reason" I shrugged.

August had a birthday coming up soon, like next week soon and I want to get him something for his birthday. When he left I planned on going to the French Quarters to hit some pockets for his present. Drunk people were pretty carless with what they did while drunk so this would be a easy spot for me to come up on some.

An hour after August left, I headed to my destination. Soon as my feet hit the paved ground I spotted a wallet laying right on the ground. Already at 9:05 I picked the wallet up on the slick as I continued to walk. "250" I spoke out loud "Who the hell keep that amount of money in a wallet" I laughed to myself.

I grabbed me a lemonade from one place as I made my way down the strip. Bourbon Street was so full of life and money might I add. By the time 10:45 rolled around I decided I had more than enough money. 10:55 only a 10 minute walk I thought stopping a little off the bridge sitting on the curb looking up at the stars.

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