Do you know what today is, no it's not our anniversary. Lol It's Aug Day!! 23 years ago God gave us all that handsomeness!! Yass! Okay but to the story now, it starts of a bit slow and boring but it's just background information.I know it's short too, but I promise this is going in a good direction. Enjoy let me know what you think, keep it 8 more than 92 with me, 100!!  



"See that's the disrespectful shit I'm talkin' bout" Frank got in my face "Nigga fuck you, and that shit you talkin'. Yeen my fatha' he dead, ya wanna be that nigga go DIE" I waved my clenched my fist. Frank been pushing it lately I wanted nothing but to smash this nigga face in.

"Lil nigga don't get fucked up in here, ya mama not here to save you" Frank put some force behind the next push he gave me. That right there was enough, we started tussling in the living room, knocking shit over "Fuck you nigga" I yelled out throwing him into a wall, landing a punch in his jaw. Throwing a right he ducked coming back up hitting me in the eye.

This nigga had me fucked up. "Frank! August! Stop this what the hell" I heard my mama yelling. For her I will, she stood between us looking back and forth with terror in her eyes. "Look at my living room, look at yall." She yelled.

"Ma I'm tied of this punk ass nigga always thinking he run some shit round hea'. When all he doing is hittin' tha pipe daily" I huffed "Watch you mouth boy" Mama smacked me in the back of my head.

"August, I done told you time and time again about this. Plus I caught you sneaking out this house again last night to go run them damn streets, what did I tell you" Mama eyed me

"Yeen have no room fa no disrespectful ass boy ta be livin' in ya house" I rolled my eyes "Correct nah get ya disrespectful ass out until you learn some. Maybe them damn streets you love so much a teach you some" She sneered.

That shit played back in my head like it happen yesterday, when it actually was a year ago. It's been a year since I seen my mama and a year since I been homeless but I mean shit I been out here getting a lil sum with my brutha so it was all-good. This tent shit under the bridge wasn't doing me no justice eitha. I had to move around, find a way and it needed ta happen fast.

"Yungin' you in thea'" Some nigga voice came from the other side of my tent. Unzipping the opening peaking out seeing a nigga named Greg. He lived unda hea too, right next to pole 14 on the right. Greg was a fiend, I sold to him from time ta time but at time I felt wrong because a felt as if this was a lil community unda hea' and I ain't wanna fuck it up no moe' then it already was.

"Greg, nigga wazzam" I rubbed my hand down my face "You got somethin' fa me today, I got 50 fa you" Greg pulled on a nigga strings, he knew money talks. "Hol' up" I went back in the tent coming out with what he needed.

"Thank you man" He was already high and he ain't even smoke the shit yet. "This shit betta be real too nigga, or you a see me" I yelled after him.

Deciding to go spend this with my brutha, I grabbed everything that meant something heading out to his house.

"Rememba' don't go in my shit ain't none in thea' if I come back and anything is touched somebody takin tha blame" I yelled out looking around at everybody.

Just like Greg most of these people out hea' was fiends. Every time I left the tent I let them know if I came back and my shit was gone somebody had ta go. I always took my product with me neva left it thea' a nigga ain't finish high school but I ain't dumb.

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