Focus - Wake: Chapter 17: Falling

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In many books and movies, the guy is sneaking up to the girl's room to see her. And I think there's something fun and romantic about it, but I also didn't think Gemma was the kind of girl to wait around for Alex to come visit her. So chapter was driven by the idea of Gemma sneak up to his room.

I really love the dynamic between the two of them, too. Alex is older and the guy, but Gemma is the more confidant, experienced one of the two, so she's kinda the one in control of the relationship. So much romance deals with girls waiting around for the whims of the guy she's crushing on, but there's is sorta the opposite. Alex had a crush on Gemma for a long time, and he was waiting around for her to notice him.

They both really care about each other too, and their romance is built on years of friendship. The book starts with the two of them beginning to admit their attraction to each other, but by chapter seventeen, they have the beginng of a solid relationship.

That's assuming of course that a mythical curse doesn't tear them apart...

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