Wake - Chapter 10 on...

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This week, for the bookclub, I plan on focusing on the last half of Wake. So if you haven't read past chapter 9, be wary of spoilers.

When I decided to do the bookclub, I went through and re-read Wake, and I made notes of things as I went through that I might want to talk about or that I thought people might find interesting.

For example, Chapter 10: Hangover, it features one of my favorite scence between Gemma and Harper. Event though the story is told from both of their point of views, they spend a lot of time a part or disageeing with each other. When they come back from the beach, Gemma is injured, and Harper helps Gemma get cleaned up in the kitchen. I think there's something sweet and tender about that moment. It shows a softer side of their relationship.

The name for Pearl's Diner (which is mentioned in the first couple chapters but isn't shown until chapter 12) was actually super hard to come up with. I spent hours brainstorming horrible names for a diner, and then finally, I called my mom venting about frustration of naming something so simple, and within five minutes, she came up with Pearl's Diner. My mom is awesome like that.

Since this is a bookclub, I'd love to hear from you guys. What things would you like me to talk more about in these posts? What are things that you have questions about in Wake? Spoilers are welcome in the comments, but please mark them as "spoiler" just to be polite.

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