The BIAlien Series - Rise of the BIAliensapien: Human evolved Chapter 1

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"...The first volume in a science-fiction series about a young man who’s abducted by benevolent aliens, bio-engineered to superhuman levels and sent back to Earth years later to stop an alien invasion..." -KIRKUS DISCOVERIES.

“…the ingenuity behind this work, however, exceeds the average science fiction novel. This series holds incredible potential for development not only into novels, but games, comic books, and even films…

…this talented author tells his amazing tale with a sense of humor. Integrated into his high-tech descriptions and scientific “jargon” are one-liners, even a touch of political comedy and social commentary…” -FOREWORD CLARION REVIEWS.






An average teenager Jaden Marino discovers a UFO landing one evening

in upstate NY. The government is also looking for the mysterious UFO in the

area. The government eventually follows him to it while trying to kill him.

He hides inside of the advanced nanotechnology UFO while the government

tries to take it away to Area 51 on a trailer. His mind goes into a comatose

state and he has an out-of-the-body experience. The spaceship translates his

English language from his mind into its language, enabling him to control the

UFO with his mind. As he tries to fly away, the government sends all of their

best and top-secret aircraft to intercept this very advanced spacecraft. Jaden

quickly learns what this spaceship is capable of and goes against the best

pilots in an intense chase over NY. Eventually he leaves Earth and travels 2.1

million light-years into the Andromeda Galaxy. He learns of an advanced

alien species called Andromedians, who are 70,000 years ahead of humans.

The Andromedians are peaceful explorers and their thinking is very far ahead

of our own.

Jaden comes back to Earth eighteen years later and is aware of an alien

conspiracy that is about to take place on Earth. He tries to warn people, but

everyone thinks he is crazy. They lock him up in a mental ward. Society,

relationships, values and technology has changed on Earth. He has a

microscopic artificial intelligence alien companion in his mind helping him

along the way, called AI. His body begins developing its advanced alien

nanotechnology weapons system to work on Earth. After the government and

citizens do not listen, he tries to help the people he cares about while the

government places him on a terrorist list and uses their full military forces to

kill him. He goes against the government’s future weapons, Motherdrone (a

super computer that controls all UAV drone crafts), super exoskeleton

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