Chapter 1 (Prologue)

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Hoshi's PV

"Hey, Hoshi! Hoshi! Earth to Hoshi, please answer!!"

I looked to my friend, Yume.

"Oh well. I thought your soul had left the earth... What did you do allnight, that you're so absent again?"

I put my face down on the desk and sighed.

"Yesterday I looked two seasons of my favorite anime..." I answered, as I looked up at Yume.

"You watched Anime the whole day?! And what's about learning?! You know that we need to learn for the coming exams...."

Yume threw a look at me, which could kill me. I crossed my arms on the table and used them as a pillow for my head.

"I know... But learning is so boring and I hate doing things that bore me...."

"You'll never learn, right Hoshi?"

"Do you mean for life or the subject in school?" I asked with abroad grin on my face.

She took the book from my table and threw it in my face.

"Ouch! Are you crazy?! Why did you do that?" I shouted at her.

"Quite simple," she replied, "Take this conversation seriously!!"

I winced.

"Do you want to end as a beggar on the street or what?! Look at your grades! Since you started to look Animes, your grades become worse and worse ... I do not want to be strict or so, but I am worried about your future... "

She sighed. I lifted my head and looked at Yume. She really seems toworry about me.

"I'm sorry,.." I smiled at her and apologized.

"I know you are my friend and you're just worried about me, Yume. I promise, from now on, I will study for school."

She stepped back and looked at me. She smiled and patted my head like Iwas a dog.

"Don't treat me like a dog!"

I pouted and she began to laugh.

"...and then she grabbed his ankle and she pulled him down with her. And then she kissed him and..."

I stoped talking as I heard Yume sigh

"Should I stop to talk about Anime?"

"Please, but only if you don't mind ..."

"No problem, I'll talk tomorrow."

I smiled at her and she sighed again.

"You will never change, right Hoshi? Don't forget to study for school..."

I live on the other side of the road and crossed the street.

"Yes, yes... You have too many worries, Yume."

I almost arrived on the other side when I heard Yume screaming my name. I turned to look why Yume screamed. I saw in my point of view a truck. Everything went black.....

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