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Calum and I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. A few minutes later, someone opened the door with a big smile on their face. 

" Hi Liz" Calum said smiling.

" Calum! So nice to see you. Who's this?" Liz asked looking at me. 

" I'm Sam. Nice to meet you" I said.

" Nice to meet you too. So what brings you  here?" She asked Calum. 

" I wanted to come see Luke." He said looking down a little so she wouldn't see the little sadness in his eyes. 

" Oh ok. Come in. His room is down the stairs. It shouldn't be locked so walk in" She asked as we walked into the huge house and she shut the door. " Thanks" Calum said and made his way to the stairs. I followed. 

We made it downstairs and walked in the room. We sorta walked in on Luke smoking vapor. 

How many problems does this kid have where he needs to cut and smoke?

He saw us walk in and his eyes got wide. He quickly threw the vapor cigarette thing in the drawer and sat up on his bed. He grabbed his sleeves and pulled them down so they were covering half of his hands. 

" Seriously?!" I said walking closer to him. " What?" Luke asked. " You smoke too? You cut and smoke. Do you know how bad that is?!" I asked getting a little frustrated. " Yes I do. Don't judge what I do unless you know my life" He answered getting up and towering over me. 

" Why did you tell people?" He whispered to me. " You said that you didn't care if I told" I whispered back. He rolled his eyes and sat back down. He looked at the spraypainted drawing on his wall. I liked it a lot. My mum would kill me if I did that though. 

Calum stayed quiet. I guess it's a lot to find out that one of your best friends is doing such bad things. 

" Why, Luke?" Calum asked speaking up. " Because I can. I'm not about to just open up to everything to you and some girl that I just met." He said angrily. I started tearing up thinking about my sister. I lost her to suicide. I kept trying to help but nothing would. One day she just snapped and I came home and saw my dead sister on the bathroom floor. 

I ran out of Luke's house crying. I don't care if either of them judge me. I can't hold back the tears right now. 


hey guys! Short update cuz I'm busy af but I still put this together. 

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