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" Mum. Slow down" I told her as she sped down the road to get to my new job. She rolled her eyes. ROLLED HER EYES.

" Don't roll your eyes at me. I roll my eyes at you." I said kind of annoyed. 

" Maybe you should have put your seatbelt on then" She said turning a corner and driving into the parking lot. 

" I don't have time for that." I said getting out the car. I hated wearing stuff like what they are making me wear. A plain blue t shirt and tan pants. At least I can still wear my own Converse. 

" Let me come in with you" the over protective mum said from still in the car. " I'm fine mum. I'll text you later" I said getting the uniform from the back seat and shutting both of the doors. 

I didn't have time to change so I brought it with me. I walked into the huge store and was immediately greeted by two people about my age. the manager and another worker. 

" Are you the new employee.." she started checking her clipboard " Luke?"

" Yes ma'am" I said nodding and playing with my lip ring. 

" Ok. My name is Allison and this is Isobel. Now there are a few rules" i nodded gesturing for her to continue " ok first you can't have that in while you are working " She pointed to my lip ring. I bit my lip so I wouldn't accidentally roll my eyes or something. I nodded.

" Second, always be on time because we don't have a lot of workers here at night and we need all the help we can get. Third, be respectful to all the customers and help them with everything you can. Now if you need to change into those clothes, use the bathroom in the break room at the back of the store. That's all." She smiled and walked away with the shy employee she brought with her.

I forced out the rolling of eyes that I had been holding back. I walked to the back of the store and into the break room which was empty. I walked into the bathroom and quickly changed into the ugly uniform and walked outside with my clothes in my hand. I put my clothes down in the corner and put it in a plastic bag that I found on the floor. 

I got up and turned around. I jumped when I saw someone behind me. 

" Oh sorry I scared you. " the quiet voice said. It was the girl from earlier. Sam, right? 

" It's fine" I said walking over to the table with the plastic bag. 

" I was just looking for my phone. I just remembered that I might have left it at home" She explained. 

I nodded and slowly pulled out my lip ring while flinching a little. I've never taken my lip ring out before. 

" Ew. Now there is a hole in your lip" Sam said putting her hair up in a ponytail. 

" Obviously." I said putting the ring on the table and walking out the door. 

I hate working but I kind of want money. So here it goes. 

im so sorry it sucks im so busy guys. so much is happening. i have been trying to be on here as much as i can. i put this together quickly to show u guys what happens at his job. so sam works there so he will see her more. 

By the way, i know that Walmart employees are allowed to have lip rings in but i went to one that banned any piercings and i was kinda pissed about that but oh well. i wrote it. i kinda wanted to write how sam got grossed out. idek why. anyways thanks for reading guys! bye

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