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It's been two days. Two days since we went to Luke's house. I miss him. He hasn't been to school or work. Maybe if I apologize for telling Calum, he will come back to school. The boys and I have all been worried and his parents' cars are gone. All the lights are off. No sound is coming from the house. Sometimes, when I walk home, I see a faint light in the basement but it quickly fades. I wish Luke would come out of the house.

I was quickly snapped out of my Luke-filled thoughts and looked up at the teacher who was glaring at me to answer a question on the board.

" Sorry, ma'am. I can't see that far." I lied making the spotlight go on someone else and not me. I hate attention so it's best when people aren't looking.

" Have any of you seen Luke?" Someone spoke from the back of the class. I heard a bunch of mumbles and whispers.

"Luke. Please come back. We hope you're okay." I quickly texted him.

I didn't get a reply.

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