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Hey guys. I'm writing this chapter on my phone so this will have auto correct and stuff like that.


Luke's P.O.V

I took out the spray paint that I had packed in the box. In all the houses we move into, I always paint something on the wall. So the people in my old house are going to want a refund probably when they see what I wrote.... 

I took out the red bottle and starting spraying it. I wrote " Luke" in capital letters with a smiley face under it. It kind of made my room smell bad but it will go away soon. I put the spray paint away and ran upstairs to eat breakfast and I smelt my mum making bacon. I wasn't waiting around for that to be done so I grabbed a banana and ate it while sitting on the counter. 

" It's your first day at this school so don't act all depressed or all tough. We don't need you getting expelled again. So be nice because you have nothing to be depressed about." My mum said. 

" Mum. You know what happened" I said getting frustrated that  she made me bring that horrible day up. 

" You should be over it by now. It happened two years ago." She said taking the bacon off the pan and onto a plate. 

" Whatever." I said throwing the banana peel away.

" Be a good boy in school and come straight home because I got you a job at Walmart. And don't complain because you are old enough to get a job" She said eating a slice. 

I rolled my eyes and ran upstairs. I put my hair up in a quiff and put hairspray in it so it will stay up. I grabbed a Misfits muscle shirt and black ripped skinny jeans. I grabbed my Vans and my phone and ran downstairs. I said bye to my mum and ran out the door. 

I already know a few people here. There's my friends Calum and Ashton that are complete goofballs but they help me out a lot. And then there is their friend, Michael who hates me. I don't really care though. I walked to the bus stop and saw the three boys standing there. Calum hugged me and kept my arms at my side. I'm not used to getting or giving hugs so I don't know what to do right now.

" Hey to you too Cal" I said patting his back making him let go. " Sorry" He said laughing a little. 

" Hey Ash" I said as he was fixing his crooked red bandanna. " Hello" He said smiling and finally getting it straight. I didn't even look at Michael because I know that he hates me more than anything. The bus came and we all got on. I sat in the back with Ash and Cal while Michael sat with some girl. 

" Who's that?" I asked pointing to the girl that Michael was talking to. " Oh that's Sam" Calum said. " You'll meet her later" 

" I never said that I wanted to meet her" I thought to myself. The bus stopped and we all got off. I walked inside the huge school while Calum told me where everything was. I got my schedule at the office and walked to my first class. I walked in and saw Michael in a desk. 

" Just great" I thought and sat down in the back.  The rest of the class, I zoned out and just thought of songs in my head. 


I will probably update later and the next chapter is when he meets Sam. Thanks to anyone who is reading this fanfiction. It means a lot. Vote and comment. Peace!

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