When we get to the stadium, its packed full.  I laugh to myself, seeing some of the girls, short shorts and their boobs are practically coming out of their shirts! They actually think they have a chance with one of the boys hahahahah no!  We get out and walk to the end of the long long line.

When we finally get there a girl turns around and gives me a warm smile. "Hi my names Juliet!" she says. "Oh hi im Nicole!" i say back giving her a little wave. She gives me a confused look, "But are'nt you from the band Little Mix and aren't you Perrie?" Juliet asks. 

again with this crap really?!

"No I-"  i get cut off by Allie. "Yes she is, she is just trying to be hidden as she wants to surprise Zayn!" she says with a pleased look on her face, i look at her like shes crazy, Allie then gives me a reasurring look.

 oh i'll get you Allie and your little bear too!  "OMG I'm such a huge fan of Little Mix!" Juliet squeals. oh goodie!

"Oh thats uh, nice!" i say. "So hows you and Zayn?" she asks. oh no mayday mayday we have a confused girl on the port bough! "We're.... uhhh... good?" i say more like a question. she gasps loudly like someone just got hit by a bus. "Are you Two fighting? is it over? "is he seeing someone else?" she asks rather quickly. "NO no we're not fighting we are just fine, i mean we still love eachother very much!" i say. "Awwww!" Juliet squeals, "I so ship Zerrie!" just like that she turns around as if nothing happened. "Allie whats shipping and what is a Zerrie?" I ask Allie. She looks at me and shrugs her shoulders great! 

Finally after a half-hour of waiting we are finally going to see One Direction live front row baby! i could do a dance if my legs weren't so numb!

Allie and i are sitting down front row center stage. "i can't wait for the concert to start!" Allie says excitedly. i nodd my head in agreement. "Whats wrong?" she asks. "Nothings wrong what could possibly be wrong!" i say. "she looks at me until we hear the intro, girls behind us scream so loud that i practically jumped out of my chair! Allie is standing up and screaming to. "Oh what have i got myself into?

halfway through the performance some man is walking over to me. "Perrie what are you doing here?" he asks with a smile on his face. seriously people?! come on imma smack you!  "Oh no Sir im not-"  Allie jabs me in the ribs "oww!!" i mutter. she stares at me with the face of death. "oh sorry there uhh.. Paul!" i say quickly, thank the lord for name tags! "Why dont you come backstage and wait with Eleanor?" he asks. Who the h-e double hockey sticks is Eleanor? Like i said i dont pay attention to them really! "Umm yeah sure id love to see Els again, but can i please bring my friend Carl?" i ask.  He nodds his head and leads us backstage. "The name is Paul by the way Perrie!" he says chuckeling. bro if i want to call you carl then guess what you are Carl, Okay?  "Perrie, i havent seen you in forever!" some girls squeals as she tightly embraces me. "Oh Eleanor how pretty you have gotten?" i say questioningly. She looks at me confused, "What are you trying to say there Edwards?" 

Authors note not really important read if you want i dont really care!

* I hope you liked it, and i think that this one is longer.  I hope that i can eventually right pages for you people! :)

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