They save you

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This follows on from: You get Kidnapped! Warning: possible triggers

Captain America: When he heard the news, he was shocked to say the least. He felt like the world had come crashing down around him, he went straight to Tony and told him.. I mean, you are his sister, so who else was he going to go to, he told Tony and he grabbed his suit, Tony flew out first to get to you while Steve and some SHIELD agents went in a car to the building where you were being held.

You were bound to a chair with the men in black hoodies circling you, your mouth was sealed with duck tape until the original guy ripped it off leaving you with a waxed upper lip. You felt something hard connect with your cheek and after a few seconds it started to sting, he hit you, again. You had already been beaten when you refused to sit in the chair, you were almost certain they had broke a rib. He started walking around you again, you kept your head down until you looked up when you heard a 'whoosh' which sounded familiar. You noticed they had symbols on there left sleeves, when you took a closer look you realized they were red stars, Hydra you thought. Then there was an explosion that created a hole in the roof, you saw a red and gold figure through the smoke and sunlight, you saw him fly around shooting blue beams at your attackers, Tony! Then the door burst open and Steve came into view, he threw his Shield at the people who had you surrounded and ran over to you, he untied you and carried you to the ambulance, while being careful not to injure you any more. He said nothing until you were in the ambulance, then he bombarded you with questions, you said nothing and eventually blacked out on the way to the hospital.

Iron Man: You woke up on the arm chair in the living area, when you moved you found you were unable to stand up. When you looked down your hands and feet were bound to the chair by zip ties and your body was duck taped to the body of the chair. A man was sitting on the sofa in front of you, in his hands were small guns, one was pointed at you and the other was pointed at the doorway, you gasped and he turned to look at you.

"Princess is awake now, lets see if prince charming will make an appearance, shall we?" He spoke evilly with a smirk plastered on his face, your eyes flew to the hall when you heard more footsteps approaching. A whirl of relief came over you, and then they stopped and it was silent. The man stood up and slowly approached the hall, both guns pointed and ready, you held your breath in anticipation. Then, a blast knocked the man off his feet and across the room where his body hit the wall, he dropped to the ground knocking both guns out of his hand. Tony rushed over to you and knelt down in front of you, you broke into sobs when you saw his eyes look into yours, he untied your hands and you pulled him in for a hug, you stayed like that until he pulled back and untied the rest of you.

Hulk: You were hooked up to wires and bound to a table in the middle of a white science lab, you struggled against the metal cuffs that held you in place and screamed for someone to help you. Bruce noticed you were gone and went looking for you, he saw you in the window tied to a table and screaming, it made him mad. The head scientist came out to gloat to Bruce about the situation, but found him on the floor with his fists clenched and he had turned a slight green, when Bruce looked up at him and saw the head scientist, he lost it. His lab coat started stretching and then ripped, his legs grew so the bottoms of his trousers were at his knees. He exploded and Hulk was looking at the scientist, not Bruce anymore. You saw Hulk through the window and panicked, Hulk broke the glass and charged around the open lab destroying everything in its path. You were in the middle of it all, you screamed every time the glass broke or a table was thrown and the wires that you were attached to came out. Once everyone had fled and everything was destroyed, Hulk turned to you and stopped, you thought he was going to hurt you but instead him used his large hands to pick you up and carry you back to SHIELD, lets just say Fury was impressed with the scene that greeted him at SHIELD.

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