Chapter One- You Can't Fight Fate.

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It was a race against time, her sandal clad feet ran as fast as a ticking bomb. Her racing heart pounded panic through her veins. Time was of the essence she had to act soon or else her dreams would be dust.

"Baba, what will I do?" She cried with laboured breaths.

"Oh my dear Baba, I need you, she is set out to destroy me." She fell down on her knees on the dirty ground.

"I have no one in this world who I can call my own, who can protect me. Why aren't you replying? Whenever I needed you, you would always appear in my dreams and guide me but now you have left me to my wicked stepmother."

Inayah Khan plunged over the marble slab and looked to the marble headstone carved with her father's name: Qurbaan Khan.

"You would fondly read poetic verses from Kulyaat e Iqbal to strengthen my resolve but where do I go now?"

Finally she draped her white chiffon duppatta over head and lifted her hands, opening her palms out to the sky; a silent sombre prayer for her dearly departed father. Tears strolled down her pale cheeks into her palms; she wiped her palms across her doleful face. Tenderly she scattered red and white petals over the earth centred section, holding back, before she faced the mouth of the demanding world; a final kiss farewell she laid on his headstone.

There was one last hope; a final attempt.

Hadi Yasser!

Inayah pounded on the towering brown rustic gate sending echoes down the narrow alley.

"Who is it?!" Yelled an irritated voice from behind the gate.

A plump middle-aged woman hobbled her way to the gate

"What do you want?" The plump woman opened the gate, screwing her nose at Inayah irate with anger.

"Auntie I need to speak to Hadi." Inayah implored. "He's not answering his phone."

Kaneez knew her son; Hadi Yasser was lying idly in his bedroom in the pleasure of his air conditioned room. The orphan young woman had no dowry or wealth to her name, so naturally she refused entry.

"You girls have no shame-" Kaneez cursed pointing at Inayah with her short stubby finger

"-chasing and hounding my son. These mobile phones have corrupted the youth"

"Auntie please, Ama has arranged my marriage to a widower who has 3 kids and I need to speak to Hadi." Inayah stepped over the threshold.

Kaneez pushed her back, "go and get lost. Your Ama knows what is best for you and at long last you'll be off my son's case!"

"Hadi has made promises Auntie, we're meant for each other."

Kaneez slapped her palms together, "for the sake of your late father, have some shame."

Kaneez pressed the gate shut, but Inayah was desperate to see Hadi and held the gate open with all the force she could muster.

"Auntie I'll die without him." Inayah cried at Hadi Yasser's doorstep but Kaneez was determined to rid of her.

"All the neighbourhood girls say they'll die without my Hadi, and yet, till this day none have died; much to my shame!"

Kaneez slammed the gate shut throwing out the wretched orphan girl. She poked her nose in the air with pride at the thought of her ruggedly handsome son causing chaos in most of the impressionable girls' hearts.

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