Red For Rebellious

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-This book was written when I was pretty young. It is filled with errors, plot holes, cringe worthy lines and many, MANY more issues. Please keep this in mind before continuing. If you are expecting this to be anything like my most recent work, you will be sorely disappointed. 

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Compared to the beautiful, outgoing Melody, Sutton Bran has always lived in her older sister's shadow as the shy, innocent girl. Even so, she happens to catch the attention of mysterious bad boy Colton Jones.  He steals her first kiss one night at a party and sends her home thinking that her life is finally starting to fall into place... that is, until she arrives at her house to find that Melody has been killed in a drunk driving accident. Unable to deal with her grief, Sutton's life spirals out of control. But one guy thinks he has what it takes to show her there's still so much to live for. All she has to do is be a little rebellious.

Hello all my lovely fans, and those of you who are just now hearing my Wattpad name! This story is not meant to be sad or depressing, and it won't be, a few chapters are going to be a little sad, but every story has serious points. If you have not read my other stories, check them out! The first chapter will be up shortly, please vote and comment to tell me what you think! 

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